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Julie Crowe, a Meath teenager took her own life three months after being drugged and raped while on holiday in Greece, an inquest has heard.

Julie Crowe (18) of Porterstown Lane, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, died on 4 November 2019. A hearing at Dublin District Coroner’s Court on Thursday outlined the tragic circumstances of how Julie had developed a low mood and thoughts of self-harm after being drugged and raped while she was on holiday abroad with friends in August 2019. The inquiry was also informed that gardaí had not received any further information about the progress of any criminal investigation in Greece, despite several requests after Julie provided a statement to her Greek counterparts through Interpol. Julie’s mother, Anna Crowe, gave evidence of formally identifying her daughter’s body to gardaí at Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown (CHB). Fighting back tears, Crowe said her husband, Gary, had called her around 2.20pm to say Julie was on the M3 bridge. The inquest heard that medical staff informed the family at 3.50pm. that Julie had suffered catastrophic injuries that she would not survive and she was pronounced dead nine minutes later.

Post-mortem results confirmed that Julie had suffered catastrophic head injuries consistent with a fall from a height. In January 2020, Crowe spoke about the death of her daughter on RTÉ’s Liveline program as a warning to others that there were predators targeting boys and girls. She described how Julie realized, when talking to friends of hers, that she had been raped during her stay on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Omer Chaudhary, a psychiatrist who examined Julie in the CHB emergency department on October 21, 2019, said she had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and a moderate depressive episode. Dr Chaudhary said Julie had also confessed her homosexuality to her friends in June 2019 and to her family after returning from her holiday in Greece. He recalled the teen complaining about not being able to cope for the previous two weeks and having more and more nightmares. However, Chaudhary said he had not shown any active intention or plan to commit suicide. The psychiatrist said she felt positive about her family and her studies at the University of Technology Dublin. She said that Julie also recognized her symptoms and triggers and that she needed professional help to get better, but she believed she had a bright future.

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Julie Crowe Age

Julie Crowe is 18 years old.

Investigation Report

The investigation found that Julie refused to be admitted to hospital voluntarily and that she did not meet the criteria for involuntary detention as she was only considered to be at low to moderate risk of self-harm. Dr Chaudhary said the teenager eventually decided to go to her GP to discuss taking antidepressant medication and being referred to her local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service unit. Crowe said Julie visited her family doctor the next day, who warned her that she would need to be monitored closely while she took medication. He also revealed that her daughter feared she might become pregnant as a result of the rape, but evidence showed that was not the case. Detective Garda Michelle O’Brien told the inquest that she had spent two “long and difficult” days taking a very detailed statement from the teenager about what happened in Greece. Detective Garda O’Brien said she had also kept the girl’s towel and trainers as evidence. In response to questions from the coroner, Aisling Gannon, said she had not received updates on the status of the investigation from the Greek police, despite having sent several requests.

Detective Garda O’Brien said she was unable to interact directly with her Greek colleagues. She also claimed that she could not interview Julie’s friends, who could also provide evidence unless she received instructions from the Greek authorities. At the end of the ordeal, the Crowe family called for greater clarity on the ability of gardaí to assist and monitor the progress of police investigations abroad. They also recommended that organizations that deal with victims of sexual assault engage with parents who are advocating for their children who have been raped, regardless of their age. Mrs Crowe explained that the Dublin Rape Crisis Center had been reluctant to speak to her to try to get a more urgent appointment for her daughter because Julie was over 18 and needed to contact them herself. The coroner said she would raise concerns the family’s concerns with the relevant authorities and keep them informed of any response. Ms Gannon returned a verdict of death by suicide based on the evidence. Offering her condolences to the Crowe family, the coroner said it was “a very, very tragic case in very sad circumstances.”

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