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Julia Wheeler, a potty-mouthed teacher who swore at pupils and bragged about her sex life has been banned from the classroom for two years. English teacher Julia Wheeler, 40, hurled swear words at schoolchildren and gloated to them about her ‘friends with benefits relationships. A fitness to practice hearing was told Ms. Wheeler shocked senior staff at Pencoed Comprehensive School in Bridgend, South Wales after she wrote ‘b***h’ next to a pupil’s name on a mark sheet – and even put a circle around it. The panel heard Ms. Wheeler insist the mark sheet was ‘never intended’ to go any further and even claimed she was the victim of a ‘witch hunt’.

Assistant headteacher Catherine Tobin said the concerns were raised at the high school when ten schoolchildren made statements against her. The youngsters claimed Ms. Wheeler called them ‘d***heads’, ‘b******s’, and ‘f*****g b******s’. They also said she ‘shouted in their faces’ and ‘pushed chairs onto the floor’ in the classroom. One pupil said Ms. Wheeler reduced them to tears, saying: ‘She once shouted at me so much I cried.

Julia Wheeler Age

Julia Wheeler is 40 years old.

Told schoolchildren about her “friends with benefits” relationships

The Education Workforce Council panel heard Ms. Wheeler started teaching at the school in September 2020 and complaints were made just eight months later. Ms. Tobin said pupils claimed Ms. Wheeler told them about a personal relationship which she described as ‘friends with benefits‘. They said the inappropriate comments made between January and May 2021 also included referring to another member of staff as a ‘d***head’.

Ms. Tobin told the hearing she had interviewed most of the pupils and that the allegations were ‘the first time she had heard anything like it’ during her 30 years in education. Ms. Tobin was also made aware of a mark sheet used by the school’s management to track pupils’ progress which included Wheeler’s writing. She said that written next to one pupil’s name was the word ‘b***h’ with a circle around it. Ms. Tobin said: ‘In no way would I anticipate anybody to refer to a learner by that term. It was wholly inappropriate.’

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Faced several allegations of inappropriate or derogatory behavior

Ms. Wheeler was sent a letter that a disciplinary meeting was to take place in July 2021 – but an agreement was made to end her employment in February of the following year. Presenting officer Sara Lewis said Ms. Wheeler’s conduct had negatively affected pupils and there had been ‘no expression of genuine regret’. Ms. Wheeler denied all allegations of unacceptable professional conduct by using inappropriate or derogatory behavior toward pupils. Steve Powell, panel chairman of the fitness to practice committee, said Ms. Wheeler believed that the allegations were a ‘witch hunt’ to ‘get her out’.

He said Wheeler’s behavior amounted to unacceptable professional conduct and fell below the standards expected of a registered person. He said evidence supplied by pupils in the form of statements and interviews with staff at the school was ‘consistent and corroborative’. Mr. Powell said Ms. Wheeler had not expressed any regret or apology or demonstrated she could comply with safeguarding guidelines. He said her behavior had shown a ‘deliberate and reckless disregard’ for pupils and colleagues and had had a ‘direct impact on some pupils’. Wheeler has been banned from teaching for two years following the Cardiff hearing.

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