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Julia Kantor, The mother of a man killed in crossfire on the streets of Texas sent a scathing letter to council members, blaming them in part for her son’s death after they defunded the police. Julia Kantor wrote an email to Austin City Council members calling them cowards just days before her son’s alleged killer, De’Ondre White, went on trial for murder. Her son Douglas, a 25-year-old Ford IT worker, died in agonizing pain after being one of 14 people shot at random while partying on Austin’s bustling 6th Street in June 2021. Julia blamed the council, which voted to defund the police in 2020, for her role in the lawlessness that broke out in the streets the night of her son’s fatal injury. Her scathing letter, which coincided with the resignation of Austin’s police chief, told council members that they had “killed and ruined thousands of lives” and that they “don’t care as long as they are in power.”

The grieving mother said in the letter, obtained by Fox News Digital: “On August 28 in Austin, TX, there will be jury selection for the murder of my son Douglas Kantor and the attack on 14 other people in the mass shooting on 12 June 2021 on 6th Street. ‘I hope they follow this [trial] as their duty to their citizens. It was you, the city council and others who defunded the police and welcomed these evil people with no regard for life to rule and ruin your city. ‘It’s time you see what you have done not only to victims like my son but also to our family and friends and to your city. “His irresponsible choices for political gain have put the citizens of Austin and all who visit him in the crosshairs.” Julia continued: ‘You have killed and ruined thousands of lives and you couldn’t care less as long as you remain in power. Like the murderer, you are ALL COWARDS. ‘None of you had the guts to speak up and point out how stupid and destructive that was. I’m sure if your children were killed, you would find your voice.’ She concluded: ‘Remember that what happens, comes in different ways. Look at the last photo.

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Julia Kantor Age

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Douglas John Kantor dies in downtown Austin mass shooting

This is the animal you unleashed on my son and the people of Texas without thinking. De’Ondre White’s murder trial is expected to last two weeks. She is accused of killing Douglas Kantor and wounding 14 other people. In his opening statements, State’s Attorney Jean Sullivan told the court: ‘Doug died because of these people that he had never seen or met before in his life who brought guns and used them on Sixth Street that night. That night he went out with them to celebrate. He had just graduated. He was here for a good time, a good weekend. “[His] friends had no idea that night would be the last time they would be able to celebrate with Douglas Kantor.” According to Douglas’s brother, Nicklaus Kantor, his mother received no response to the inflammatory letter. She told Fox News Digital: “I don’t think any of us are under any illusions that one of these council members is going to say, ‘Oh, we’re so sorry, we did that on purpose.'” ‘You know, they’re not going to admit or take responsibility. But at least acknowledge the loss, at the very least.

Kantor was originally from Airmont, New York and had been living in Michigan. He received his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and had been working at Ford Motor Company at the time of his death. The disturbing letter from Douglas’ mother comes just days after Austin Police Department Chief Joseph Chacón abruptly announced his decision to leave the force after it was hit by significant staffing shortages and lack of funding. from the “defund the police” movement. Chacón said he would retire with a “heavy heart” and said it was “the right time” to resign. He added that it was an “absolute honour” to become police chief and urged officers to “pick their heads up” and “keep fighting the good fight”. His announcement comes amid ongoing complaints from the department union about the “miserable conditions” officers face. They say the “defund the police” movement has reduced funding for departments and destroyed the workforce.

The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the resulting Black Lives Matter riots led to widespread demonization of police forces across the United States. The Austin Police Department’s budget was hit by a $150 million cut approved by the Democratic-led Texas City Council after its own scandal following the shooting of an unarmed black man in April 2020. just a few weeks before Floyd’s death. Austin City Council approved a $443.1million budget for APD for the fiscal year 2021 – 2022, raising it from $309.7million in 2020 after it had been slashed. The woke city leaders have proposed a budget of $476.5million for 2023-2024 but, when adjusted for inflation, this is around $50m less than was allocated back in 2019-2020. Since 2017, more than 800 officers have left the APD Villareal attributed a bulk of those numbers to defunding and contractual vagueness. In March this year, Austin was rated the city with the 15th biggest homicide problem in the US, according to a WalletHub study. And Austin was ranked the third city with the biggest upshot in homicide cases between 2021 and 2023. The Texas city ranked just below Philadelphia and Minneapolis for the biggest increase in homicides in the last two years.

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