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Judith Raanan, the mother and Natalie Raanan, the American teenager who was kidnapped by Hamas during the terrorist group’s shocking attack on Israel and held captive for two weeks before being released, has finally returned home. The 18-year-old was released by the terrorist organization 10 days ago, along with her mother Judith Raanan, 59, just four days before her birthday, according to ABC 7. She arrived at her home in Chicago on Monday night, according to Yinam Cohen, Israel’s consul general in the Midwest, who announced the happy news on X. “I am relieved that Natalie Raanan is back in Chicago. “Her family has been anxiously awaiting her return and today I share her happiness,” she wrote. The Raanans, who live in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois, were held hostage for 13 days before being released by Hamas due to Judith’s deteriorating health and helped by the Red Cross to leave Gaza.

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Judith Raanan, 59, and Natalie Raanan, 18, years old.

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The mother-daughter duo were seen hugging family members in Israel after being released. Uri Raanan, Natalie’s father, told The Post at the time that her daughter was “emotional” but “very happy to be in Israel.” The Raanan are said to have “kept each other safe” during their captivity. They had traveled to Israel to celebrate Judith’s mother’s 85th birthday and celebrate the Jewish holiday season with the family, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. More than 230 hostages are still under the control of Hamas terrorists in Gaza after the October 7 invasion, something Cohen wrote about in his statement welcoming Raanan back to the United States. “As we celebrate Natalie’s return, we remember the 239 hostages, including babies, children, women and the elderly, who are still being held by Hamas in Gaza,” he said. He also announced that families who have captured relatives will speak in Chicago to share their stories. Hamas also freed two elderly Israelis. Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, and Nurit Yitzhak were freed last week. Their husbands remain in captivity. The terrorist organization said it released the two women for “compelling and satisfactory humanitarian reasons.”

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