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Authorities were looking for Juan Carlos Mata in connection with the cold-blooded murder of Lesley Reyes at Oakwood Village Apartments in Pasadena, Texas when a 911 caller reported seeing him at the complex on Thursday, news outlet ABC13 reported. An officer rushed to the scene, arriving about 10 minutes after the initial call, and attempted to speak to Mata, according to police. But the 20-year-old ducked behind a parked car, grabbed a shotgun, and shot himself in front of the responding police officer. He died on the spot. The shotgun used in Mata’s suicide may have been the murder weapon used in Reyes’ murder, police said.

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Juan Carlos Mata was 20 years old.

Suspect in the murder of Lesley Reyes commits suicide at the site

The 19-year-old woman was returning home from her shift at O’Reilly Auto Parts before midnight Monday when police said Mata ambushed her in the parking lot, where she reportedly had been at I stalk for hours. The 20-year-old allegedly had a few words with the woman before shooting her in the head and running away from her. “He didn’t want to see her with another person,” said Lourdes Martínez, Reyes’s sister. Reyes’ parents who were home at the time heard the shots. Her mother called the 19-year-old to tell her to be careful, not knowing that it was her daughter who had just been shot. Mata took Reyes’s phone and spoke to his mother, tearfully telling her that she was sorry. When the woman’s parents ran outside, they found her daughter dead in the parking lot.

Police labeled Mata a person of interest in the murder and pursued him, but he was not formally charged with any crime at the time of his suicide. “We put the photo of him out to the public, hoping someone would give us information,” said the Sgt. Raúl Granados, of the Pasadena Police Department. “We couldn’t get any information; we only know that he showed up, back on the scene.” The victim’s family said Reyes broke up with Mata about a month ago after a year of dating, but he refused to accept the separation and sent her unwanted text messages and showed up at her house without an invitation. Relatives described the relationship of the former couple to the station KHOU11 as “toxic” and Mata as “obsessed” with her ex. Martinez, Reyes’s sister, claimed that Mata abused the 19-year-old while they were dating, but she only found out after the breakup. Granados said police department records contain a documented case of a disturbance involving Mata and Reyes a year ago, but officers did not investigate any type of domestic violence between them.

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