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Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, 18, appeared in court for the first time on Thursday after being accused of raping, strangling and hiding 11-year-old María González in a plastic bag stuffed in a laundry basket on August 12. González’s body was found by her father at her home in Pasadena, Texas, as he was returning from work. The Pasadena Police Department named Garcia-Rodriguez a “person of interest” and a prime suspect in the case, citing a key left at the girl’s home as vital evidence. Authorities in Shreveport, Louisiana, took Rodriguez into custody last weekend after officials in Harris County, Texas, charged him with capital murder in connection with the girl’s death. Police said Garcia-Rodriguez had been “residing in the same apartment complex where the victim was found” prior to his death. García Rodríguez was denied bail in the case and, according to prosecutors, he came willingly, first denying the egregious incident and then admitting that he had been involved, according to Fox News. They claim Garcia-Rodriguez said two black men forced him at gunpoint to commit the sexual assault that could lead to him facing the death penalty.

According to court documents obtained by the outlet, María’s father, Carmelo, had heard García Rodríguez talking on the phone on the stairs when he left for work. Maria was taking out the trash and told her dad that she was ‘the neighbor with long hair’ and then Carmelo proceeded to go to work. Around 10:02 am, Carmelo received a WhatsApp message from María indicating that someone was knocking on the door, so he sent his family to check on her. When he got home at 2:30 p.m. m., he found her daughter’s body in a black garbage bag and tucked inside a white laundry basket that was wrapped in another garbage bag. Her body had blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Carmelo also found a silver key on the ground. After speaking with neighbors, Garcia-Rodriguez’s roommates said he had a new job and was moving, but they refused to return the key. They told the police that they were forced to change the locks. When the police returned to the scene, they asked for the old lock and the roommates’ keys that matched the old lock. García Rodríguez was reportedly drinking until the early morning hours of the day of the murder and denied being at the scene of the crime, according to Fox News.

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Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez is 18 years old.

Bond denied for man accused of strangling, sexually assaulting 11-year-old Pasadena girl

Prosecutors said when he turned himself in he said he was with friends but they did not corroborate the story. The 18-year-old had been living in the hotel complex for several weeks and was last seen in the complex two days after the brutal murder. García Rodríguez is believed to have entered the United States in January. He crossed the border at El Paso, Texas. After “turning himself in”, the teenager, who was 17 when he crossed over, is believed to have been released. Detectives released a photograph of García Rodríguez with his appeal and also offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest or charges before he was found and taken into custody. Department of Homeland Security sources told NewsNation that he is believed to have fled to Mexico before police detained him on August 19. García Rodríguez had been released after entering the United States because he had a sponsor in Louisiana. Generally, a sponsor agrees to provide housing or financial support to a migrant while he or she is processed and their status is determined. Speaking to Fox News, Carmelo said the last he heard from her was that he was “in bed.”

Shortly after he left, Carmelo said he received a message from Maria telling him that someone had been knocking on the front door. “I told her: ‘Don’t open the door, because I’m getting to work,’ and she replied: ‘I’m in my bed,'” González told the outlet. Law enforcement officials said there was no forced entry into the home. The father and daughter had lived in the apartment complex for about three months. The girl’s mother lives in Guatemala. Maria and her father lived in Austin, Texas and Florida before Pasadena. Maria was not enrolled in Pasadena ISD, police said. Police also took DNA samples from other people living in the compound, but say getting cooperation has been a challenge. Tens of thousands of immigrants entered the United States through El Paso this year. The crisis has been ongoing for several years, but peaked around December 2022, when the government prepared to end COVID-era Title 42 rules that made it difficult to enter the country. Many present to authorities and are processed before they are released. Most are expected to appear in court at a later date for a process to determine their status.

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