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Josiah Toleafoa was hit by an unidentified 36-year-old driver on May 27 as he and his family were in the shopping area where locals say drivers often ignore traffic laws. The family was heading into the Play City indoor amusement park to celebrate. One witness who spoke with NBC4 not said the boy’s mother sobbed hysterically as police and paramedics worked to save her child. ‘It’s heartbreaking, I have a kid myself, I have two kids and so I feel for those parents. and it’s all the time,’ said Theresa Arrocha, a local mom who was once in a hit-and-run in the same lot. Police have not charged the driver in the incident.

The shopping plaza is located in Eastlake, a neighborhood of Chula Vista, and often has kids running around due to its SkyZone, Speed Circuit and Play City. The mom, who once was in a hit-and-run in the same lot, said she has seen drivers acting ‘crazy’ first-hand and a total disregard for others’ safety. Cars sometimes drive maybe over the speed limit with no intention of stopping. They look at you crazy, they just don’t care,’ Arrocha told CBS 8. On Monday, police-drawn lines in the parking lot were still visible and showed the exact scene where the collision happened. It’s unclear whether Josiah had been crossing traffic or if he was behind a vehicle at the time that he was fatally struck.

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Josiah Toleafoa was 3 years old.

Josiah Toleafoa GoFundMe raises more than $11,000 as 3-year-old killed on his birthday

According to a GoFundMe started by Josiah’s aunt Tatiana Toleafoa, he was rushed to Rady Children’s Hospital after the incident, where he was pronounced dead. As his family, we mourn for the life he won’t get to have and the heartbreak all those left behind will have to face,’ the grieving aunt wrote. Tatiana confirmed in the fundraiser’s description the family was there to celebrate and a post on Facebook suggests Saturday was Josiah’s actual birthday. ‘Happy Birthday to my firstborn nephew Josiah,’ she wrote. ‘3 years old already.’ In a TikTok video posted over the weekend, Tatiana shared heartbreaking photos of Josiah accompanied by a caption memorializing her nephew. ‘My poor sweet nephew. I’m so sorry you are gone. I am so sorry you were short-ticketed a life. I know you are with your grandpa dancing in the sky,’ the aunt wrote. The GoFundMe started to help cover Josiah’s funeral expenses and has surpassed its $6,000 goal as of Wednesday morning, raising more than $20,000 for the family.

‘I am overwhelmed with gratefulness for this amount of support given from everyone. No words can express the gratitude that our family is,’ Tatiana wrote on Facebook. As Josiah’s family copes with his death, other families now say they are increasing their own awareness when in the area. It’s hard sometimes, it can be seconds where you turn around to put something in the car and they run,’ one mom with her daughter told CBS 8. She’s pretty active. I got to keep her by my side, holding her hand most of the time,’ the worried mom continued. Chula Vista Police said the driver who struck Josiah did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision. It’s currently unclear if charges will be brought against the driver in Josiah’s death. reached out to the Chula Vista Police Department for additional information on the incident but they did not respond in time for this report. The incident remains under investigation at this time.

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