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Joshua Allison, A Port Melbourne estate agent has been jailed for secretly filming young women inside their homes. Marie*, one of Joshua Allison’s victims, said she felt her innocence had been taken away from her after she was filmed in her bedroom without her consent. The 25-year-old told 9News she was filmed through her window. “I had just finished showering and I saw an arm come out of the window and I totally freaked out,” Marie said. “She did it from the side of the neighbors’ house, we assumed that she had jumped the fence.

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Joshua Allison age is not mentioned.

Investigation Report

“I just can’t understand how anyone could enjoy doing that to young people.” Over the past decade, Allison preyed on 11 young women, including his housemates. He installed a hidden camera on her bathroom wall. Allison was caught in January 2021, after a manager at Coles in Port Melbourne caught him trying to film up the skirts of two girls. Following her arrest, police searched her home, where she found a hard drive titled “The Collection.” Allison’s defense team argued that her moral culpability was reduced by her mental disability after the 42-year-old was diagnosed with a “voyeuristic disorder.” The judge dismissed this today and sentenced Allison to four years and 10 months in prison. The father of one will also be registered as a sex offender for life.

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