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Joseph Ruddy, 59, was outside his home with his business card in hand when Tampa Police Department officers arrived to investigate a Fourth of July crash. In footage obtained by the Associated Press, appearing heavily intoxicated, Ruddy is seen hunched over his truck as police arrive. He waved his card in the direction of the approaching officers as he tried to get to his feet. “What are you trying to give me?” the officer asked. “You realize when they take the footage from my body camera and see this, this is going to go really bad.” A witness told police that Ruddy did not try to “hit the brakes” when he crashed, according to the outlet. He “kept going and detoured all the way. I said, ‘No, he’s going to hurt someone.’ So I just followed him until I got the license plate number and just called and reported it,” the witness said.

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Joseph Ruddy is 59 years old.

Body cam shows prolific federal drug prosecutor offering cops business card in DUI crash arrest

The footage shows Ruddy admitting that he fled the scene of the hit and run. “You hit a vehicle and ran. You ran because you’re drunk. “You probably didn’t realize you hit the vehicle,” the officer said, to which Ruddy apparently nodded, pausing briefly before saying “Yes.” “Why didn’t you stop?” the officer asked. “I didn’t realize it was so serious,” the prosecutor replied drawling his words. He was twice over the legal limit, with a blood alcohol level of 0.17%. Ruddy was charged with driving under the influence with property damage and was not charged with leaving the scene of the accident. He is accused of sideswiping a pickup truck with the driver inside waiting to turn at a red light, cutting a side mirror and ripping off another part of the vehicle, which was found lodged in the fender of Ruddy’s truck. More than two months after the incident, Ruddy had represented the United States in court last week despite being charged with DUI.

Ruddy was in court last Friday during a plea agreement in the case of a Brazilian man detained off the coast of the United States. He guarded with more than 3.3 tons of cocaine aboard a sailing ship off Guinea in West Africa. The Justice Department confirmed to the outlet on Wednesday that the prosecutor had been removed from three pending criminal cases and from his supervisory role at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa. Ruddy is known as one of the creators of Operation Panama Express (PANEX), which is a task force launched in 2000 with agents from the FBI, DEA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and service members from the U.S. Coast Guard. USA to combat cocaine smuggling by way of the sea. According to the report, more than 90% of US Coast Guard drug interdictions at sea can be attributed to intelligence provided by PANEX. Most of the 888 metric tons of cocaine destroyed by the branch and the 2,776 suspected smugglers arrested between 2018 and 2022 were handled by Ruddy and his colleagues in Tampa. Ruddy is due in court in his case on September 27.

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