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Joseph Napier, 30, of Vero Beach, Florida, was charged Friday with aggravated manslaughter of a child more than two years after the death of his daughter, Iris Noelle Napier. Authorities said Napier was the only person present in the home who could have shoved the napkin all the way down the boy’s throat, minutes after a relative allegedly heard him yell at the baby: “Why can’t you just shut up? ?”. ?!” On May 28, 2021, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office deputies rushed to Napier’s home in the 1500 block of 6th Avenue to receive a report of an unresponsive baby. First responders attempted CPR on the 2-month-old girl, who was “turning blue,” before taking her to an ambulance and transporting her to a hospital, according to a news release from the sheriff’s agency.

Despite all efforts to save her life, the baby died. During the preliminary investigation, Napier told officers that his daughter choked and that she “could only see a small white object in the back of her mouth.” The father later claimed that he left Iris unattended on a sofa with her 18-month-old daughter for about 10 minutes. “We know he was in the other room neglecting these children for much longer,” Sheriff Eric Flowers told reporters during a news conference announcing Napier’s arrest broadcast on WPTV. When he returned to the room, Napier discovered his baby was choking and was distraught, but investigators said he still waited 5 minutes before calling 911. During an examination of the baby, a wet washcloth was removed from deep within the child’s throat. Authorities said that was what caused the fatal airway obstruction.

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Joseph Napier is 30 years old.

Investigation Report

The sheriff’s office concluded that the only person present at the time who could have placed the wipe so deeply down the baby’s throat was Napier, contrary to his claims that his 18-month-old daughter was to blame. “We have shown that this is not possible,” Flowers said. “[Napier] put that wipe in that kid’s mouth. He pushed it down far enough for the boy to choke. It was necessary for the doctors to go deep into this child’s throat with forceps [to pull it out].” Flowers said he believed Napier was tired of listening to the incessant crying of his colicky daughter. Iris’s grandfather, Joe Miller, who attended Friday’s news conference, agreed with the sheriff’s opinion. Miller said he left the baby with her father to go to work minutes before she died and heard Napier lashing out at his granddaughter. “While I was getting dressed, Joe was yelling at the top of his lungs at the baby, ‘Why can’t you shut your mouth?!’” Miller said. “That was the last I heard.” It was not known where Iris’s mother was at the time. Her surviving daughter, now 4 years old, currently lives with other family members. Flowers said he would have liked to charge Napier with murder, but there was insufficient evidence to show that he intended to kill his daughter. Napier is being held at the Indian River County Jail on $750,000 bond.

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