Jose Reyes and Jaqueline Macias Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Allegedly locked up a teenage girl and Raped her for weeks


Jose Reyes and Jaqueline Macias Wiki – Biography

Jose Reyes and Jaqueline Macias, a Texas couple, were charged after they allegedly kidnapped an 18-year-old woman, chained her to a bed inside her home and raped her for weeks, authorities said.

Jose Reyes, 31, and Jaqueline Macias, 29, were apprehended after the alleged victim managed to escape from her Houston home through a window Sunday night before running from door to door to alert law enforcement. neighbors, local outlet Fox 29 reported. The distraught woman told authorities that she had met the male suspect at an unidentified location about a month ago and that he had convinced her to come to his home, the county agent said. by Harris, Mark Herman. “The entire script changed almost immediately, and she was immediately held captive, tied up, and held in a room for approximately 30 days,” Herman said at a news conference. “At some point after they basically started holding her against her will, they started sexually assaulting her and other things. Just a very, very evil thing.” When the teen realized that Reyes and Macias had left her home Sunday night, she managed to break free of her restraints and flee through the window, police said.

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Jose Reyes, 31, and Jaqueline Macias, 29, years old.

Kidnapped 18-year-old escapes home after being chained to bed, raped for weeks

Once free, the barefoot victim began asking the neighbors for help. “She was messed up, confused, like everyone else, and she wanted help,” Herman said. Responding officers immediately noticed marks on her hands and legs that indicated she had been tied up, according to Herman. The teenager was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Her current condition was not immediately known. Meanwhile, her alleged kidnappers were detained when they returned to her home a short time later, Herman said. Both Reyes and Macías have been charged with kidnapping, but authorities say additional charges are possible as the investigation progresses. Investigators are currently trying to determine more about the relationship between the victim and her alleged attackers and whether the girl had been reported missing. During a court appearance Monday, Macias was set on $50,000 bond, while Reyes was set on $100,000 bond.

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