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Jorhomy Rovero Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Cause of Death

Jorhomy Rovero Wiki – Jorhomy Rovero Bio

Jorhomy Rovero, the wife of actor Andrew Schimmer, passed away on December 20, 2022. Along with the revelation, the actor also shared a photo on Facebook showing the couple’s clasped hands wearing the rings they planned to exchange as wedding bands.

Andrew Schimmer has never stopped believing that his wife would make a full recovery. She battled severe hypoxemia, but despite his best efforts, his health deteriorated, leading to a series of difficulties. Andrew Schimmer, an actor, was known for being completely candid about his relationship with Jho Rovero, who died suddenly on Tuesday. Andrew Schimmer, actor and content producer, has been planning his wedding despite the fact that Jho Rivero has been ill. On the other hand, it seems that Jho’s passing on December 20 would prevent her special day from happening as planned. She had been bedridden for an entire year when she finally died.

The actor has never been dishonest about the health issues and challenges his wife has been going through. A month ago, she was fighting valiantly for her life while he was left alone to defend his family’s interests and fight for her survival. He never stopped believing that his wife would recover from the disease. He fought off the extreme hypoxia he was experiencing, but things got worse and more confusing.


Jorhomy Rovero’s age is not mentioned.

Actor Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Passes Away

She died of cardiac arrest and complications related to his severe asthma after spending nearly a year in a coma. She also suffered from severe asthma. She was also having trouble breathing as a result of hypoxemia, which is defined by lower-than-normal oxygen levels in the arteries. This caused him difficulty breathing. Schimmer said he learned of Rovero’s death while working on an episode of Family Feud for GMA-7.

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