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Jonathan Stock was sleeping at home when his wife Meiling, 39, took their two children to school. When she returned her husband was found dead and his head was wrapped in a plastic bag. His Biography, Died, Wife, Investigation, and who is it read more details.

Jonathan Stock was a native of England who had spent over ten years in Cambodia. He wrote several publications on the Khmer language and taught at the SBS Christian school there. He helped his wife run her coffee shop business and was a native speaker and writer of the language.

Lim Puthyla, the deputy provincial commissioner, said the dead foreigner was Jonathan Stock. He was a 34-year-old British man living with his Cambodian wife, Van Kanhna, 39, along with his two children in Chrap Veal village, Anlong Vil commune, Sangke district. Jonathan was found suspiciously dead by his wife as he was returning home to Battambang province on Wednesday. Lim Puthyla stated that his team had spoken with Meiling and was investigating the shocking tragedy. He said: “We are looking closely at the case. Our investigators will interview other people who knew the deceased. We will find the true cause of death.

Jonathan Age

Jonathan Stock was 34 years old.

Jonathan Stock Cause of Death

Jonathan Stock was discovered dead Wednesday morning November 30, 2022. His wife Meiling said, “I woke up my son and we went to his Chinese school. My husband asked for more hours of sleep. After school, I went to eat noodles at the market. When I got home around 9:20 am, I saw my husband dead at the door. Meiling, who married the Christian missionary school teacher 10 years ago, reportedly called her mother and brother for help and dialed 911. Authorities are still investigating Jonathan Stock’s cause of death. The death appears to be mysterious and Jonathan Stock’s cause of death will only be revealed after the autopsy report.

 Suicide – Investigation

After examination, police and forensic specialists initially determined that Jonathan’s death was a suicide. Rumors and discussions have erupted on Cambodian social media following the announcement of the death of a British man by suspected suicide. Police stated that self-suffocation was the cause of death, raising questions about the manner of death. The man allegedly drowned by wrapping a plastic bag around his head, according to authorities. The police were persuaded to investigate the matter further due to rumors of his death. There were “inconsistencies” between Meiling’s testimony before police and what she told reporters, according to local media.

She told a reporter that Jonathan was making breakfast when she left, while she hinted to the others that he was sleeping in bed. Neighbors said the couple were “often in conflict” and had “a dispute” the night before.

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Police are investigating whether Jonathan had a heart attack, according to Ko Sun Kaing, head of the Serious Crimes Bureau. They are also awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Jonathan’s death. Meiling admitted to leaving her husband alone in the bedroom when she spoke to the police.

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