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Johnny Mims, band leader at Minor High School in Adamsville, was charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and resisting arrest for encouraging students to continue playing after the game at Jackson-Olin High School concluded Thursday . The band continued playing as police attempted to clear the stadium following a Minors victory. Both teams’ bands continued playing after the game ended, but the losing team quickly left after police asked, according to police. Shocking footage shows the moment Mims was shot by police as teenagers screamed in the background. The department said in a statement: “During officers’ interaction with Minor’s band director, the decision was made to take him into custody.” ‘BPD officers attempted to arrest the band director for disorderly conduct when a physical altercation occurred between the band director, Birmingham City Schools staff, and BDP officers. During the physical altercation, officers attempted to get the band director to place his hands behind his back, but he refused.

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Alabama band director tased for refusing to stop playing after HS football game

The arresting officer alleges that the gang director shoved him during the arrest. The arresting officer then subdued the gang director with a Taser, ending the physical confrontation. Many in the community have left angry comments on the police department’s page, expressing outrage over the arrest. One comment read: “Out of everything that was happening in Birmingham, the kids were actually doing something safe, fun and enjoyable, and this is what happened.” ‘How long was this “after the game”? It is common for bands to play after games. I’ve never heard of police officers asking a band to stop doing their job, which is entertainment,” said another. A third added: “All you cops are really out of control… this It’s disgusting”. Mims was taken to the hospital, as is protocol after a Taser is used, before being booked into Birmingham Jail.

He has since been released on bail, The Washington Post reported. Following the backlash, Jefferson County School Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin said Friday that he is collecting data and urged “everyone not to jump to conclusions.” Mims, who has worked at the high school since 2018, appears to be a beloved member of the community and many have come out to support him and report the incident. ‘This is absolutely ridiculous! I’m so ashamed of the BPD! And it was my Bethune-Cookman schoolmate and bandmate Johnny Mims,” Krys Winston wrote on Facebook. ‘I was so proud of you when I found out you were the band director at my old high school. I can’t put into words how hurt I am by this!’ Lisa Lawrence added: It makes me sick that this happened. All the videos I’ve seen so far basically show that the cops lied… and I know Johnny personally… ‘This postgame game is very common in the south…either because there was no field time at halftime for the presentation of the show and/or as a farewell to the “battle of the bands.

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