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John Regan, a renowned bassist who played with David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, Ace Frehley, and Peter Frampton among others, passed away on Friday in New York State at the age of 71. The reason wasn’t stated. A family friend posted the remark made by the wife, Cathy Merring-Regan, on Facebook. “It is with the greatest sorrow and sadness that I let you all know John passed away this afternoon,” the statement reads. “So many people have posted messages of love and condolences on his phone. I am trying to figure out how to post on any of his [Facebook] pages. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. One of his favorite quotes was ‘All that you can take with you is that which you’ve given away. From reading your messages, I know he gave much away and so much love was sent to him. He passed suddenly, but that was his wish.”Peter Frampton posted a salute in a series of tweets.

John Regan Age

John Regan was 71 years old.


Between 1984 and 1990, Regan collaborated intermittently with Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley on the albums “Frehley’s Comet” (1987), “Second Sighting” (1988), and “Trouble Walkin’.” (1989). He also collaborated with David Bowie and Mick Jagger on the singles “Dancing in the Street” from 1985 and “Winning Ugly” by the Rolling Stones the following year. Regan cofounded the band Four by Fate in 2014, and the group’s “Relentless” debut album was published two years later. His wife Cathy, children Christopher and Jeness, and grandchildren are among his survivors.

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“There might only be a handful, if that, of people who come into your world and truly enrich your life. I have lost one of my closest buddies. He certainly enriched my life because of the person and the great player he was. John Regan was the best of us,” Frampton wrote. Howarth, a former Frehley’s Comet co-frontman, penned a heartfelt note about the last time he interacted with his “dear friend’ — the morning of his death. “I started this over and over, I can’t capture everything I’m feeling,” he began his Facebook tribute. “By now most all of you know of John Regan’s passing today.” “Early this morning he called me but it was a butt dial. Typical over the last decade or so. When I texted him ‘You rang?’ He responded; ‘Not that I know of’ and said that he hoped he didn’t wake me up. I replied, ‘No worries I was about to walk the dog.’

“This would be the last time I got to ‘speak’ with my dear friend of 38 years because I never got to call him back before I got a devastating request from a mutual friend to ‘please call.’”He applauded Regan’s tenured career and treasured work, calling him a “world-class talent and an incredible human being.” Admitting to crying most of the day, Howarth mourned another loss in the music industry and thanked everyone who had already reached out. “Love you and already miss you John, thank you,” he wrote, saying he and Regan’s loved ones are “shattered” and “devastated.”

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