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Fox 8 anchorwoman Tracy McCool’s husband, John McCool, 53, passed away after a long fight with colon cancer. The devastating news was shared by the 55-year-old presenter on Wednesday morning, May 10, in an emotive Facebook post that said, “PEACE BE STILL MY LOVE! “Fly high in the sky!” She also posted a photo of herself and John smiling.

In October 2018, John was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. According to Fox, he served in the military before founding his gym where he taught MMA athletes. John never shied away from telling his story because he wanted others to be examined for cancer as well. “When my friends, particularly my male friends my age, ask, ‘Hey, what can I do for you?’ ‘Have you got a test yet?’ I ask. If they say no, I tell them, “Go get a test, that’s all you can do for me,” he told Fox in 2021.

John McCool Age

John McCool is 53 years old.

I was probably sick with cancer for a few years.’

Despite five years of tests and treatments, John remained courageous. He previously acknowledged ignoring his symptoms and not knowing his entire family history. “You should go [to the doctor].” You should depart when you’re 35, not 50. OK? You’ll get it when you’re 50. “I probably had cancer for a few years, but I waited and walked in, and I was stage four,” he said, adding, “I don’t care if it costs you your savings account.” Remove it from your savings account.”

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Tracy McCool met John in what way?

When John and McCool were students attending Copley High School in Ohio, they first met. After graduating in 1987, the two began dating. They were together for a few months before deciding to part ways. They met later in life and married in 2002. Cassidy, their daughter, was born in 2006, and Carter, their boy, was born in 2008. With their two dogs, the family currently resides in the Akron area.

In December 2018, McCool shared an emotional Facebook message regarding John’s cancer fight. “October 11, 2018 We joined the fight that no family wants to go through,” she wrote, adding, “As I walked out of the Taussig Cancer Centre with the love of my life, I closed my eyes, struggled to catch my breath, and TIME STANDS STILL.” I took John’s hand in mine, and a surge of emotion nearly brought me to my knees. I couldn’t picture our lives without him, our children without their father, or our cherished family time.” Since John’s diagnosis, McCool has kept his followers up to date on the therapy and advised others not to overlook troubling signals.

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