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John Matta, 38, was killed on September 26 in Nambung, 200 kilometers northwest of Perth. Matta, originally from Egypt and who lost a leg to diabetes eight months ago, stopped on the Indian Ocean Highway after noticing a white Mitsubishi Pajero had crashed. Police then allege that “an incident occurred” between Mr. Matta and the driver of the Mitsubishi, Benjamin Jack McLaughlin, 19, who allegedly killed the older man. Mr Matta’s body was found when firefighters were called to the scene shortly after midnight and found the Mitsubishi in flames. McLaughlin is in custody after being charged with murder, aggravated criminal damage by arson and theft of a motor vehicle. The teenager was found hours later behaving erratically and naked on a boat drifting out to sea before plunging into the ocean. A distraught fisherman had reported him to the police when he was seen floating aimlessly in the waters, screaming, confused and pulling out his hair. McLaughlin had also allegedly taken off in Matta’s red pickup truck that was later found submerged in the ocean near the Cervantes pier. His loved ones have since created a GoFundMe for Mr. Matta.

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John Matta was 38 year old.

Investigation Report

The 38-year-old had regularly shared videos on his TikTok account encouraging viewers to stay positive and that nothing was impossible, while he exercised in his wheelchair. “In a world that sometimes seems full of chaos and uncertainty, there are those rare individuals who shine as beacons of love, kindness and compassion,” said friend and fundraiser organizer Matthew Ibraheem. ‘To those who knew John, he was one of a kind. With his infectious smile, his radiant heart and his incredible singing voice; They took him away from us too soon. ‘We remember and celebrate the life of one of those extraordinary souls. A true Good Samaritan who touched the lives of countless people with his selflessness and love for humanity. ‘John’s heart was overflowing with love and his actions spoke louder than words. An extraordinary person who never hesitated to lend a hand to those in need.’ The funds raised will go to foundations that Mr. Matta held dear. These include charities supporting amputees such as Limbs 4 Life and APC Prosthetics, Coptic Orphans helping vulnerable children in Egypt and helping fund diabetes treatments in his Egyptian hometown. McLaughlin appeared at Perth Magistrates Court last week, where he remained in custody. He will appear again later this month.

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