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Rugby league star Joe Westerman has been dumped by his wife after he was caught on camera performing a lewd sexual act with a woman in an alleyway behind a Greggs in his hometown.The embarrassing headlines last February, sparked by images going viral on social media, also landed the 33-year-old in trouble with his Super League club Castleford Tigers.But six months later, Westerman seems to have found happiness with local real estate agent Alison Hopkinson, 34.Speaking from her family home in Castleford, Ms Hopkinson confirmed that she was in a relationship with Mr Westerman. When she was asked about her relationship, she said ‘yes, that’s right, but I don’t want to say anything else, thank you’.The rugby star went public with the relationship six weeks ago when she posted a photo of them on her Instagram account of her laughing and sitting together.Friends commented ‘Awww cuties’ and ‘looking happy dude’.

Then a week ago, Westerman, a father of three, posted another photo on social media of himself posing with his attractive blonde partner at the Pontefract races and placed a love heart emoji next to his name.He prompted Sue Robinson to comment: “You look so happy I’m so happy for you xx.”Mrs. Hopkinson has two young children of her own. She is understood to be separated from her husband Carl, 35 years.And judging from the couple’s love photos, any hope of Westerman mending his marriage to elementary school teacher wife Lauren, 33, appears to be over.The drunken 6ft 4in striker was filmed performing a sex act with a “friend’s wife” after a night out in Pontefract city centre. He was later humiliated when a graphic seven-second clip showing him with his pants down appeared on social media. He issued a slavish apology in which he promised to “work on my decision-making on alcohol” and was fined and ordered to community. work of the club of him.But that was nothing compared to the fury he faced from his wife Lauren back home.

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Joe Westerman Age

Joe Westerman is 33 years old.

Rugby star in relationship with friend’s wife after viral video of romp behind Greggs

In text messages to his wife, he claimed not to remember anything of what happened. He texted her: “Words will never explain how sorry I am.” I can’t explain what happened because I physically can’t remember. It’s disgusting and now I have to live with it forever. Losing you and the kids is heartbreaking Lauren, you deserve so much better.”Adding: ‘You always said alcohol would fuck me up. Story of my life. I miss you like crazy. U was perfect. I need you to know that I don’t remember anything from that night. I look like a zombie.But his humiliation didn’t work and he was kicked out by his furious wife who couldn’t stop his 14-year-old daughter from watching the video.Speaking about the woman in the video, Ms Westerman told the Sun: ‘It’s the children I feel for. Our children and their children.She will never forget it. She lost her job and there are memes of her sweeping the internet, her children are going to see that.Ms. Westerman had said that she “could never get it out of my mind” after telling friends of hers that her marriage is “a billion percent over.”

She said: ‘What kind of example would I be setting for my children, particularly my girls, if I had to try again?I want them to know that this is not okay, that it is not acceptable behavior in a relationship, and that we all have self worth.Now I have to think about my children and start rebuilding our future together. It’s discouraging, but he has no one to blame but himself.She said: ‘The truth is, she only told me because she was on social media. But I’m glad they found him because the thought of kissing him after that makes me sick.The angry wife said the video caused irreparable harm to her and her three children, but she said she was “glad” she saw it.Westerman, who played twice for England during a 13-year career in the top flight, married Lauren in 2014.Ms. Westerman added that she hoped he could overcome his drinking problem and be a good co-parent to his children over time.And the family snaps he’s posted on Instagram suggest he’s doing just that.Since the February scandal, Westerman has kept a low profile, continuing to play for Castleford Tigers.He has not commented further on the incident or what has happened since.

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