Who was Joe Abbess and Sunnah Khan? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Investigation of the Bournemouth beach incident


Joe Abbess and Sunnah khan Wiki – Biography

Joe Abbess, 17, of Southampton, and Sunnah Khan, 12, of Buckinghamshire, both died in hospital following the incident on Wednesday.

Dorset Police stated that they were investigating causes such as the impact of meteorological conditions and the state of the water. The police have denied that the couple jumped from the pier. Joe’s family lauded him as a “fantastic young man,” and Sunnah’s mother, Stephanie Williams, paid tribute to her “beautiful daughter” on Twitter. “No parent should ever have to go through what her father and I are going through,” Ms Williams tweeted. We adore you, sweet girl.”

The incident involved 10 swimmers on a day when the beach was packed during half-term. The Dorset Belle sightseeing boat was impounded by Dorset Police in the immediate aftermath, but the force said this was “just one of several lines of inquiry.” Det Ch Sup Neil Corrigan said: “We are working with experts from partner agencies to understand all of the factors and this will take time to establish.

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Joe Abbess Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Second victim of Bournemouth beach tragedy identified

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Joe Abbess, 17, and Sunnah khan were 12 years old.

Victims of the Bournemouth Beach incident, Investigation Report

“We continue to support the families of Joe and Sunnah and they are being kept updated by specially trained family liaison officers about our investigation.” “I would ask that the police investigation is allowed to continue without further unhelpful speculation around circumstances of the incident and that there is respect for the families of those who have died so tragically.” Tobias Ellwood, Conservative MP for Bournemouth East, said he believed police should have released more information that would have helped “place into context the scale of this major incident”. The absence of clarity led to really wild speculation on social media,” he added. “Provide clarity early on – just so people can have an assurance of mind on what roughly happened.”

David Sidwick, Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset, said: “It is the family of Sunnah Khan and Joe Abbess who have to be first in our thoughts both with our condolences and also from the point of view of whatever information comes forth. This is a complex investigation – it includes a number of agencies.” Mr Sidwick added: “They are working together as fast as they can to find out what happened on that day and I truly believe that they need to be given the time and space to do that fully, thoroughly, professionally without hindrance.

“At this moment in time, we have to understand that this is an immensely complex situation – the police moved to rule out those things which they could rule out when they had enough evidence to be able to do that. What they can’t do is say what exactly happened. What is the point of saying to the family it’s ‘X’ or it’s not ‘Y’ if that isn’t fully understood – we’ve got to let all these investigations work through.” According to the force, none of the swimmers were involved in a collision or touch with any vessel in the water. It has requested witnesses and asked for any photographic evidence. A man in his 40s was detained on suspicion of manslaughter while “on the water” at the time. He has since been released while the investigation continues. According to the police, an inquest into both fatalities will be held later, pending approval from the coroner.

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