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Joan Meyer, 98, collapsed and died after the intense stress and pain she felt when her home was raided by the entire Marion Police Department in Kansas.

The elderly woman, who co-owns the newspaper with her son Eric, was raided by five officers and two sheriff’s deputies on Friday, leaving her “stressed beyond her limits and overwhelmed by hours of shock and grief.” .Eric has criticized officers for their ‘Gestapo’ tactics in attempting to seize information that had not yet gone to print. Police have defended his actions.Ms. Meyer was unable to eat or sleep after the traumatic ordeal of several hours. She was crying as the police raided her home and took her Alexa smart speaker from her, and she died a day later. The raid occurred after a source leaked to the newspaper confidential documents about local restaurateur Kari Newell that could have gotten her liquor license revoked.Meyer did not publish the story about Newell because she disputed the source, but rather she reported the information to police.But Kari Newell later accused the newspaper of illegally obtaining her personal data, prompting the search.

Announcing the woman’s death, the newspaper’s website stated: “She had been unable to eat after police showed up at her doorstep. She also couldn’t sleep on Friday night.”She tearfully watched during the raid as the police not only took her computer…but also went through hers hers son Eric’s personal bank and investment statements.”Her son Eric Meyer, co-owner and publisher of the Marion County Record, said: ‘Our first priority is to be able to publish next week.”But we also want to make sure that no other news organization is exposed to the Gestapo tactics we are witnessing today.”The woman was in “good health” for her age, but she died over the weekend.Police also raided the newspaper’s office, Meyer’s home and the home of one of her reporters. Vital publishing equipment, including computers and telephones, was taken.Meyer told the Daily Beast: “All the raids appeared to be simultaneous.”

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Joan Meyer Age

Joan Meyer was 98 years old.

Police defend raid on Kansas newspaper amid backlash over ‘brazen violation of press freedom’

According to the Marion County Recorder’s Office search warrant obtained by Reflector, officers allege the raid stems from an investigation of illegal acts involving a computer and identity theft.The order was signed by the investigating judge Laura Viar.The Marion County Recorder’s Office search warrant says officers were allowed to seize digital communications, computer software and items containing passwords or access codes during the raid. All correspondence and documents “belonging to Kari Newell” were ordered to be seized.Meyer told the newspaper: “Basically every law enforcement officer on duty in Marion County, Kansas, descended on our offices today and seized our server, computers, and staff members’ personal cell phones, all for one story. that we don’t publish.”The newspaper said it planned to file a federal lawsuit.Danny Karon, an adjunct professor at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, told The Daily Beast: “The raid was chilling and unprecedented, like a scene from 1945 Nazi Germany.”Marion Police Department Chief Gideon Cody said in a statement: “As much as I would like to give full details about a criminal investigation, I cannot.”

“I believe that when the rest of the story is available to the public, the judicial system that is being challenged will be vindicated.’Generally speaking, the Federal Privacy Protection Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 2000aa-2000aa-12, protects journalists from most newsroom searches by federal and state law enforcement officers.’It is true that in most cases, police are required to use subpoenas, rather than search warrants, to search journalists’ premises, unless they themselves are suspected of the crime that is the subject of the search.’The Marion Kansas Police Department believes that the fundamental duty of the police is to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the public.’This commitment must remain firm and impartial, unaffected by political or media influences, in order to uphold the principles of justice, equal protection and rule of law for all in the community.”The victim asks that we do everything the law allows to ensure that justice is done.”

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