Jin Nichole You Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Found alive after being Kidnapped By Her Family’s Caretaker Godiflor Rama


Jin Nichole You Wiki – Jin Nichole You Biography

Jin Nichole You, an eight-year-old schoolgirl, has been rescued after the caretaker of her family’s apartment kidnapped her and put her in a suitcase in the Philippines.

Jin Nichole You, who has dual Philippine and Korean nationality, was returning home when she was involved in the case in the Bakilid district of Mandaue City, Cebu Province, before noon yesterday. Her family became concerned when they realized that she had not returned. Frantic, mother Tyree Rendal checked the apartment’s security cameras and was horrified to see an unidentified person in a hoodie inside the gates of the property. She was seen the suspect dragging a large black suitcase that is believed to have hid the girl. Mandaue City Police received a report at around 5 p.m. m. and began a search for the missing child. Officers traced the suspect’s location to an apartment in the same district later that night. Godiflor Rama, 32, the caretaker of the apartment where the victim and her parents were staying, were arrested.

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Jin Nichole You Age

Jin Nichole You is 8 years old.

Girl Is Wheeled Through The Streets In A Suitcase After Being Kidnapped

Jin was found scruffy but alive. She was taken to the women’s and children’s protection desk of the Subangdaku police station, where she explained what had happened. Speaking to local media, the suspect Godiflor said: “I hope the family can forgive me for what I did.” I only did it because they accused me of stealing their belongings, like their bags and hangers. ‘I admit that the girl is attractive, but that doesn’t mean I like her. I did not rape her. I didn’t sexually assault her.’ Police said Godiflor had used her familiarity with the girl and her family to implement her plan. In a statement, Police Regional Office 7 (PRO7) said: ‘The police team immediately used modern technology, in-depth investigation and comprehensive intelligence resulting in the successful tracking of the suspect and the victim.

“Three hours after officers learned of the incident, an intricate police rescue operation was immediately carried out, paving the way for the successful rescue of the victim and the arrest of the suspect.” Police Brigadier General Anthony Aberin, Regional Director of PRO7, said: “I would like to acknowledge the very quick action of PRO 7’s capable, active and allied police officers who were involved in the rescue operation of the minor kidnapping victim and the arrest of the kidnapper”. Jin has been safely reunited with her. her mother and she is recovering from the ordeal. Grateful mum Tyree said: ‘I would like to thank the police and investigators from the bottom of my heart. They acted quickly just to save my daughter. ‘I couldn’t imagine that this kind of thing would happen to us. We love Jin so much, everyone knows what a good girl she is. ‘Everyone’s effort will not be in vain. We will proceed with the legal case to obtain justice for my daughter.’

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