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Jian Kayo was a goalkeeper born on January 1, 2002, and died on February 18, 2023, in Itu, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil at the age of 21.

Kayo, a 21-year-old soccer player, was found dead in his home in Sao Paulo on Saturday, February 18. The rising Brazilian star played as a goalkeeper for Ituano FC. The soccer club issued a statement confirming his death. Kayo had participated in Sao Paulo’s youth system and had been promoted to Ituano’s professional team for the 2023 season, according to reports.

Kayo’s cause of death has yet to be revealed, but the football club has announced that it will “disclose additional information” soon. Ituano FC, which competes in the second division of Brazilian soccer’s Série B, issued a statement saying: “It is with great sadness and dismay that Ituano FC announces the death of athlete Jian Kayo Gomes Soares.”


Jian Kayo was 21 years old.

Jian Kayo passed away at the age of 21

The statement also says: “The body was found lifeless, in his residence, on the night of Saturday the 18th. The goalkeeper Jian Kayo, born in Paraná, was 21 years old.” The statement then mentions that Kayo was a starter in the Paulista Championship. “He arrived for the Ituano Sub-20 in 2021 and was a starter in the Paulista Championship that year, a starter in the Sao Paulo Cup in 2022, and also in Paulistao that same year,” the club added, according to the report. . half. Sun. We deeply regret this great loss, directing our prayers to him, his family, and his friends,” the club added. “Ituano FC is providing all the necessary support and attention to the family, in this moment of deep pain.” The statement also mentions: “As soon as possible, after the approval of the authorities and the family, we will release additional information,” as reported by DailyMail.

Early death leaves Brazilian soccer shocked

The sudden death of the promising goalkeeper left social networks shocked. One user tweeted: “The death of 21-year-old goalkeeper Jian Kayo who was passing through the São Paulo base is very strange, the goalkeeper was in Ituano, it is still unknown what happened that they found him in his apartment, very sad.” such a young person has died”.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Jian Kayo, former goalkeeper of São Paulo at the base and currently in Ituano, was found dead in his own house, on Saturday night, in Itu.” someone else added: “My condolences to Jian Kayo’s family and friends on this loss. May God comfort his family members.”

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