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Jess Prinsloo passed away after her boyfriend Craig McKinnon proposed to her. What is the Cause of Death read more.

A heartbroken lover has spoken about the “worst day of my life” after his fiancée died as a result of her acute dairy allergy while on a romantic holiday in South Africa. Craig McKinnon, 24, recounted the “irreplaceable” time he spent with Jess Prinsloo}, also 24. “It’s hard to find clarity on today, the worst day of my life,” Craig wrote, according to The Sun. “But one point I’ve never been clearer on, the 3+ years I have with my Jess are irreplaceable, and I wouldn’t trade them for 60 years with anyone else on earth. I’m as devastated and in pain as I am.” I’ve never felt like myself before, but anyone who has spent time in her company knows what I mean when I say I’ve been blessed to call her my fiancée [for] the best three days of my life.

Jess Prinsloo Age

Jess Prinsloo was 24 years old.

Jess Prinsloo, 24, died four days after proposal when she uses wrong spoon to stir cup of tea

It was a happy moment for the couple when Craig proposed to her at God’s Window in Mpumalanga on December 27. The Salisbury, Wiltshire-based marketing executive said he did and the couple celebrated for several days before traveling to her mother’s home in Johannesburg. December 30th. It was here that Jess came into contact with the milk and suffered anaphylaxis, which is an allergic reaction in which her throat closes up after using the wrong spoon to stir the tea. Tragically, she died the next day at the hospital.

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