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Jerry Richardson Wiki – Bio

Jerry Richardson was an American businessman and soccer player who died at the age of 86. His net worth was around $2 billion at his death. What is the cause of death read more.

By gaining the expansion Panthers in 1993, Richardson became the first former NFL player to own a team since Chicago’s George Halas. He sold the team in 2018 after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced, along with a claim that he directed a racial slur at an African-American scout. A Sports Illustrated report, citing unnamed sources, claimed that Richardson made sexually suggestive comments to the women. The report indicated that the settlements in the case against Richardson came with confidentiality requirements that prohibited the parties from discussing the details. The league also fined Richardson $2.75 million for the misconduct allegations.


Jerry Richardson was 86 years old.


A former player for the Baltimore Colts, Richardson became a billionaire in the restaurant industry. His company Flagstar paid $54.4 million in 1994 after one of his chains, Denny’s, was sued for racial profiling. Richardson and his ownership group paid $206 million in 1993 for an expansion NFL franchise. He had been the team’s sole owner until Tepper paid $2.2 billion for the club in 2018. The Panthers began to play in 1995 but never lived up to Richardson’s promise to win a Super Bowl. They lost after the 2003 and 2015 seasons.

Jerry Richardson dies at age 86 – Celebrity Death 2023

Jerry Richardson, the founder of the Carolina Panthers and for years one of the NFL’s most influential owners until a scandal forced him to sell the team, has died. He was 86 years old. Richardson died peacefully Wednesday night at his Charlotte home, the team said in a statement.


“Richardson’s contributions to professional soccer in the Carolinas are historic,” current Panthers owner David Tepper and his wife Nicole said in a statement. With the arrival of the Panthers in 1995, he changed the landscape of sports in the region and gave NFL fans here a team to call their own. He was incredibly nice to me when I bought the equipment, and for that I’m grateful. Nicole and I express our deepest condolences to Rosalind, the entire Richardson family and her loved ones. We wish you much peace and comfort.’

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