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Jerry Jay Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Charged, Murder, Investigation Report

Jerry Jay Wiki – Bio

Jerry Jay pleaded guilty to kidnapping his then-girlfriend and hitting her on the back of the head with the butt of an ax before dumping her remains in the desert outside Las Vegas has been sentenced to spend the next three decades behind the walls of a prison.

Jerry Jay, Farmington, New Mexico man, was sentenced Thursday to 33 years for the 2019 first-degree kidnapping and second-degree murder of retired Army Master Sergeant Cecelia Barber Finona, a 59-year-old Navajo woman. years. . Authorities said the case was the first to be prosecuted under a 2022 bill to help bring justice to murdered and disappeared indigenous people and their families.

Jerry Jay Age

Jerry Jay is 61 years old.

Sentenced in murder of Army veteran

“Finona was reported missing by her family in 2019, her remains were found in Las Vegas, Nevada two years later,” the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office said. On May 31, 2019, Jay murdered Finona after striking her on the back of the head with what was believed to be the blunt end of an axe. She was still alive when Jay placed her in the back of her own truck. Jay then proceeded to cross several state lines in the truck, using Finona’s debit card along the way to pay for new tires and gas before dumping her body in a remote desert sewer outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prosecutors said Finona’s remains were not found until February 2021. Shockingly, Jay was accused of using the victim’s debit card while she was listed as a missing person, and what he allegedly said to an inmate was incriminating, to say the least.

“While incarcerated, Jay revealed to his fellow prisoner how he had murdered Finona and had, in fact, murdered a previous girlfriend, but he ‘learned to do better this time,'” according to prosecutors. “These statements, along with video evidence, financial records, and extensive forensic evidence, connected Jay to the murder and eventual identification of Cecilia’s body in Nevada and the circumstances of her disappearance in New Mexico.”

New Mexico Attorney General Raul Torrez said Finona was a loving mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, a “shining light” and “the complete opposite” of the man who admitted to killing her. She served in the US Army for 31 years before retiring.

‚ÄúCecilia was a loving mother, a generous neighbor and a celebrated veteran, qualities that would be appreciated in any community. Jerry Jay took a shining light from the world in 2019 and for that he got the sentence he deserves. I thank our team of prosecutors along with the San Juan County prosecutors for their dedication to this case and to Cecilia,” Torres said.

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