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Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller Wiki – Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller Biography

Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller, one of two Iowa teens charged with the 2021 murder of their Spanish teacher are ready to double-cross his classmate, prosecutors revealed Wednesday.

Jeremy Goodale has agreed to testify against his former friend Willard Miller during the latter’s upcoming trial, according to the Des Moines Record. The classmates, who are now 17 years old and are being tried as adults, were arrested and charged with the murder of 66-year-old teacher Nohema Graber on November 2, 2021. In a shocking twist in the case, Goodale will release details about Miller’s alleged role in the brutal murder, Jefferson County District Attorney Chauncey Molding said Wednesday. It is unclear at this time if Goodale has reached a plea deal in exchange for the testimony. During Wednesday’s court hearing, Molding said that “Goodale has turned over the state’s evidence and is listed as a witness against Miller.”

In 2021, Miller had met with Graber at Fairfield High School to discuss her failing grades in her class the afternoon of her murder, investigators found. Authorities said the teacher then drove her truck to a park where she was known to walk every day after school. The next day, Graber’s badly beaten body was found hidden under a tarp, wheelbarrow, and sleepers in the park.

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Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller are now 17 years old.

Iowa teacher slaying suspect to testify against teen classmate

Investigators believe Miller and Goodale, who were 16 at the time, bludgeoned her to death with a baseball bat and later bragged about it on social media. Miller previously told police that Graber’s teaching style frustrated him and that her low grade in her class had a ripple effect on her overall GPA. Miller, however, denied any involvement in the teacher’s death, but “later claimed that he was aware of everything but did not participate.” He later claimed that a “roaming group of masked children” killed Graber and forced him to dispose of her body, according to court documents. Graber had taught school in Fairfield, a city with a population of about 9,400 that lies nearly 100 miles southeast of Des Moines, since 2012. Her son, Christian, insisted in a Facebook post two days after her death that he had forgiven the teens accused of murdering “an angel woman” who was “one of the kindest souls.” I forgive them and I am sorry that they had that anger in their hearts. There is no point in being angry with them. We should hope that they can find peace in their lives,” he wrote. Miller is scheduled for trial in April and Goodale in May.

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