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Jenny Niguidula Wiki – Jenny Niguidula Biography

Jenny Niguidula, a woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death confronted him after learning about his other lovers.

Jenny Niguidula has been charged with murder after Rhonie Apostol, 53, was allegedly knifed at his South Wentworthville home, in Sydney’s west, on November 17, 2019.A NSW Supreme Court trial heard Niguidula found out a week before his death Mr Apostol had been cheating on her with a Filipino woman named Viva for nine years.

Mr Apostol also had a wife in the U.S named Geraldine. Footage captured at Sydney International Airport showed Niguidula hitting him in the head after finding out about his overseas affairs. The court heard Niguidula was originally married to Mr Apostol’s brother when she cheated on him and started an affair Mr Apostol, who was also married at the time, in 2011.

The couple were in a relationship up until his death in 2019. The pair both worked for Niguidula’s global consultancy firm, Kaleidoscope International, which saw them travel across the world. They lived and worked in New York and Manila and would enjoy holidays in cities such as Paris, Santorini and Dubai.

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Jenny Niguidula Age

Jenny Niguidula age is not mentioned.

Woman accused of murdering her partner confronts him when finding out about his affairs

Niguidula was arrested and interrogated by police at Granville Police Station for six hours following her partner’s death, the court heard. Footage played in court shows her telling detectives she had given Mr Apostol an ultimatum upon learning about his affairs. ‘I said, “You have to end it, you have to make a choice – stay with the girl or me”,’ she said in the video

‘I’d been serving you for years and now I’m not only competing with the wife – all along there was another woman.’ The court heard, Niguidula said the couple had been drinking at home on the night of Mr Apostol’s murder and that she woke up in the morning and heard strange sounds coming from the bathroom. The court heard Niguidula claimed she allegedly found a fatally-injured Mr Apostol with a stab wound to his chest and a knife nearby.

She told police that she initially thought he was playing an elaborate prank on her, the court heard. Niguidula has denied murdering Mr Apostol and claims she didn’t know who stabbed him. She has pleaded not guilty to murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assaulting Mr Apostol with a plastic lamp.

The manslaughter plea has been rejected by crown prosecutors. Niguidula’s lawyers are running a partial defence of substantial impairment, requiring them to show Niguidula had a mental health condition so severe she could not control her actions or understand what she was doing at the time of Apostol’s death. The trial continues on Wednesday.

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