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Jeffrey Harris, a 38-year-old white man from Ambridge, had a “handwritten script” for a hidden shooting at his home, which was also booby-trapped, and may have been planning a horrifying hate crime, authorities said. He was arrested after allegedly pointing his gun at two women when he failed to enter the Greater Dominion Church at the corner of Melrose Avenue and 4th Street during services, reports WTAE. Later, when police searched Harris’s home, they found the porch smeared with lubricant and a hole drilled in the front door that would have allowed him to fire his gun at anyone who fell while he was trying to get to the driveway. Harris, who was wearing a camouflage vest when he was caught, “appeared ready for a showdown,” according to the criminal complaint, which also claimed a suspected explosive device was found in the home along with a notebook detailing the active shootings.

Police said they believe the gunman may have been specifically targeting the African-American community house of worship, “raising concerns that the man was attempting to enter the church with a long gun to commit a hate crime.” The church’s bishop, Kenneth Crumb, suggested that his congregation was likely spared from a possible mass shooting because of how crowded it was on Sunday morning, preventing Harris from entering. If the gunman had arrived earlier, the church might not have been so lucky, Crumb told the outlet. “When you think about how close we came to having the same kind of horrible situation that we had in the Pittsburgh synagogue, it’s like the grace of God,” Crumb said, referring to the 2018 religious hate massacre at the Tree of Life which left 11 dead. “Thank God for the grace of him, to cover us, because this could have gone in a totally different way,” Crumb said.

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Jeffrey Harris is 38 years old.

Ambridge man arrested with gun outside church

Sunday’s terrifying incident also came a day after a white gunman killed three black people in Jacksonville, Florida, in what police described as a “racially motivated” attack that occurred near a historically black university. “There’s a lot of mass murder taking place, there’s shooting, particularly in the African American community, people targeting our communities,” Crumb said. Ambridge and Beaver County Police said they received a call around 9 a.m. m. Sunday after Harris allegedly pointed his firearm at two women walking in the area. An officer quickly tracked him down to a commercial building in the 300 block of Merchant Street, where Harris allegedly pointed his gun at the officer. Once backup arrived, police arrested Harris without incident, finding him with a 12-gauge shotgun, ammunition, and methamphetamine.

More drugs and ammunition, along with the notebook, were found at Harris’ Duss Avenue home, which he shared with his boyfriend, police said. The boyfriend, whose name has not been identified, was not at the house and neighbors reported that they had not seen him in several days. Police noted that Harris’s shotgun had recently been fired when he was arrested and that when he was taken to Ambridge police headquarters, he was making “multiple bizarre comments” about a dead brother. Harris was charged with making terroristic threats, aggravated assault, attempted robbery and other felonies. He is being held in the Beaver County Jail on a $975,000 bond. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 5. A representative for Harris could not immediately be reached for comment.

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