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Jeffrey Bryan McLaughlin Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Accused of Murder, Arrested

Jeffrey Bryan McLaughlin Wiki – Jeffrey Bryan McLaughlin Bio

Jeffrey Bryan McLaughlin, 58, is charged with first-degree felony murder in the death of his wife, Venisa McLaughlin, on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2023, according to the Hood County News.

The circumstances surrounding the woman’s death are, as of now, not a matter of public knowledge and law enforcement remains silent. This case is still under investigation,” Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds told Law&Crime in an email, confirming the murder charge. “We will release information as we are able to. The couple lived on Westover Drive in Pecan Plantation, a census-designated historic place and unincorporated community, which is on a former walnut farm and the former site of a failed utopian society, currently home to a county club, golf course, airport and parks.

Jeffrey Bryan McLaughlin Age

Jeffrey Bryan McLaughlin is 58 years old.

Texas man, 58, arrested for killing wife of prosecutor handling abuse cases

Jeffrey McLaughlin was arrested and booked just before 2 p.m. on Sunday. On Monday, his bail was set at $250,000, the sheriff said. The former prosecutor’s death appears to have drawn the attention of Lone Star State’s top law enforcement agency. This case is being investigated by my office and the Texas Rangers are helping,” Deeds told Law&Crime.

According to the Texas State Police Association, the Texas Rangers “are at the top of the law enforcement pyramid in Texas. Hood County Attorney Matt Mills told the Hood County News that Venisa McLaughlin worked in her office for about six years before leaving “on amicable terms” in late April 2022. Mills confirmed that Venisa worked in his office as an assistant county attorney,” wrote journalist Kathy Cruz. She “said that in addition to working protection order cases, she handled justice of the peace courts, mental commitments and various other duties.”

“This is a really big loss for our office,” Mills told the newspaper, even though Venisa McLaughlin no longer works there. The county’s lead attorney described her death as “very tragic. Mills directed Law & Crime to a statement he issued via Facebook, It’s a day later and I’m still incredibly saddened by the death of a good friend and one of the smartest, sweetest women I’ve ever known,” one of the victim’s friends posted on Mills’ Facebook. “My heart breaks for his daughters. The circumstances surrounding the last moments of the deceased woman may, at this point, also not be clear to authorities. Deeds told that Justice of the Peace Roger Howell is conducting an investigation into the death of Venisa McLaughlin.

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