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Jaylee Chillson pulled a gun and shot herself Saturday night as an officer tried to persuade her to return to her family after she ran away and went to a party in Aurora. Her father, Jeb Chillson, heard her gunshot as he rushed to locate her and was among those who desperately tried to save her from it with CPR, he told the Messenger.The schoolgirl’s death came after a period in which she was treated “absolutely horribly,” her mother first wrote on Facebook, tearing apart “those who hurt my baby” and played “a role in crushing her.” “A girl was threatening to kill my daughter,” her grieving father told Messenger of the abuse that occurred at school and continued online after she was pulled from class. “My daughter came in covered in bruises and stuff like that,” he said, detailing how one girl threw rubber cement into his daughter’s hair while other students watched, while another encouraged her to cut herself. One student even grabbed Jaylee’s crotch “in a sexual manner against her will,” her father said. “The same boy was hurting her. “He took her AirPods and stole money from her.” Chillson said he and his wife, Stacie, alerted several school officials about her daughter’s torment, but nothing was done about it, adding that she was “just as miserable” in eighth grade.

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Jaylee Chillson was 14 years old.

Cause of Death

The couple, who also have four children, eventually placed her daughter in another school in the district, but she ended up being physically assaulted there, her father said. “The bullies were there. “Nothing stopped,” he said of the school where the boy allegedly grabbed his daughter’s crotch. “That school completely failed her, they refused to do anything,” he said, adding that she had also met with the principal, who promised her the bullying would end. Jaylee was pulled out of school and finished eighth grade home-schooled, but that didn’t end the cruel campaign of bullying before she started high school at an online academy, Jeb said. “She was harassed by these people all summer long through Snapchat, Instagram and phone calls,” he told the outlet. On Saturday, Jaylee said she was going out with the dog but she ran away and ended up at the party with a 20-year-old man before taking her own life, according to the report. The bullied girl had been receiving therapy for the past two years, her father said. “Her therapist, no one saw this coming. When this happened, there was never any reason to even suspect this was going to happen,” Jeb said.

“Many families have reached out to me to tell me that their families are experiencing the exact same problems at school,” he added. “Bullying is just a terrible pandemic in this area.” In a heartbreaking Facebook post, Stacie wrote that “the world lost one of its brightest lights. This girl has the biggest heart I know and she has had it since she was a little girl.” “Not a day went by that she couldn’t make you laugh until you were breathless. She is amazing. Perfect. Everything you could ask for in a daughter,” the devastated mother continued. “She is beautiful. She is smart. She is our everything. Our hearts are broken. It is unbearable. It is not fair. She was our best friend. The best daughter. The best big sister. The best granddaughter. There is nothing that can make this pain go away,” Stacie wrote. She lashed out at those who harmed her daughter. “I’m angry too. I am angry at those who hurt my baby. I am furious at those who I KNOW hurt her and will now talk about her as if they didn’t contribute to crushing her. “I’ve read messages from her ‘friends’ for days that treated her absolutely poorly,” Stacie added. The Post has contacted the school district for comment. The family did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment Monday.

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