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Jayden says he was beaten by a trooper after playing a game of ding-dong-ditch in Delaware. A Delaware state trooper has been suspended for allegedly beating a 15-year-old jayden to a pulp after the teen ding-dong ditched his home. Jayden, suffered a fractured orbital bone around his eye, which will require surgery, as well as a concussion, cuts and bruises after his parents said an innocent teen prank was overblown. β€œHe has bruises all over his body, on his shoulder. He has bruises on his chest and the back of his neck,” family attorney Samuel Davis told WPVI. The teen’s face was swollen with visible bruising over his right eye and cheek, a photo provided to the outlet shows.

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Jayden is 15 years old.

Investigation Report

Jayden and three of his friends were playing ding-dong fitch (ringing people’s bells and running away) in Wilmington on Monday when they rang a state trooper’s bell, according to this family. Approximately 45 minutes later, the police officer and his partner located the children and aggressively arrested the group of children. β€œ[Jayden] was manhandled to the ground while he was handcuffed, and a state trooper blindly punched him as he shined a flashlight in his eyes,” Davis said. The children were handcuffed and detained, but none of them was charged with any crime. The officers were wearing department-provided body cameras at the time and the Delaware State Police are reviewing the footage, DSP told WPVI in a statement. The officer accused of assault, who has not been identified, has been suspended while authorities investigate the incident. The officer’s partner is also under investigation for his actions, or lack thereof, during this situation.

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