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Jay Webster, 28, was sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday, June 6, after pleading guilty to manslaughter last month. On Saturday, April 1, Webster assaulted Ben Lloyd, 27, in White Street, Caerphilly.

Benjamin Lloyd, 27, was discovered dead at a residence in Abertridwr, Caerphilly, a day after Jay Webster’s attack on April 1. Mr. Lloyd was knocked out by a blow to the head during a “silly argument” between the two. Webster was sentenced to five years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter at Cardiff Crown Court. Witnesses watched in terror as the argument occurred outside a library, according to the court. “I can recall Mr. Lloyd hitting the ground hard, and the noise was horrible,” said witness Curtis Jeremiah. It was almost like the sound of a snap as his head hit the ground.”

The court heard Webster, from Senghenydd, also in Caerphilly, appeared “absolutely devastated” as he stood over his best friend frantically saying “Get up Ben. Get up”.Prosecutor James Wilson said CCTV footage captured the moment the violence was sparked on 1 April. He said: “The defendant pushes Mr. Lloyd up against a window. Mr. Lloyd takes two swings and misses. The defendant punches Mr. Lloyd to the left side of his face with his right fist and he falls to the ground.” The court heard Webster told onlookers he “did not mean to do it” after they had a “silly argument” in Caerphilly. He stayed with his friend as witnesses called for an ambulance before Mr. Lloyd regained consciousness after three minutes.

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Jay Webster Age

Jay Webster is 28 years old.

The suspect in the Murder of Benjamin Lloyd, Pleaded guilty

Webster left the scene before he made his way to a pub and later visited the victim’s mother. Mr. Wilson said: “The defendant attended the home of Mr Lloyd’s mother Kay Main. She described Ben as having been a brilliant friend to the defendant.” The court heard Webster told Ms. Main: “I’m sorry, I and Ben had an argument.” Mr. Wilson said the worried mother called her daughters to tell them what had happened before putting an appeal on Facebook.

The court heard victim Mr. Lloyd refused to wait for an ambulance at the scene but instead tried to get into a taxi. When officers arrived to discover him with dried blood in his mouth, Mr. Lloyd told them he didn’t require medical attention and didn’t want to file a complaint. Mr. Lloyd was then transported home to his father’s house, where his frightened family pushed him to seek medical assistance, which he rejected. His father did not discover Mr. Lloyd comatose in bed until the next morning. When Webster was apprehended later that day, he told cops, “He’s dead?” He claimed he was “nine out of ten drunk” at the time and fired a “warning shot” after Mr Lloyd swung two fists.

Statement from the mother of Benjamin Lloyd

Mr. Lloyd’s mother, Kay Main, stated in a victim impact statement, “Ben and Jay knew each other for about 20-odd years since they were six or seven.”The boys had always gotten along really well, so losing Ben and seeing Jay locked up was almost like I lost both of them.” Ms. Main stated that she did not “hold any malice” towards Webster since she believed her son’s death was accidental. On May 3, Webster pled guilty to manslaughter. Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke stated that the two were “more like brothers” before to the awful incident. There is no doubt that Mr. Lloyd was very much loved by his family and friends, including you,” she continued.

Following officers’ involvement with Mr. Lloyd prior to his death, Gwent Police referred themselves to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. Following his death, his relatives stated he was “always so happy and positive” and “always walked with a spring in his step.” They described him as “a kind, hardworking, and generous man with a large circle of friends.” You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t like Ben. He leaves a large number of family and friends who will miss him for the rest of their lives.”

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