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Burly Jason Billingsley, 32, approached his victim, who was in his 20s at the time, as she sat on the street following a “verbal argument” with her boyfriend. The stranger introduced himself as Jason and asked the distraught woman, now 35, what was wrong with her before offering her a place to spend the night. But when they arrived at the scene, he told her they would have to climb through an open window because she had lost her keys, according to court documents. ‘They both sat on a bed and talked. She claims that ‘Jason’ told her that he wanted to have sex with her. And at that moment she told him that she wanted to leave,’ the complaint states. After her, Jason punched her in the face and wrapped both hands around her neck. He began to apply pressure around her neck. He told her that she was going to do what he told her or she was going to shoot him.

The victim did not see a gun during the June 23, 2013, assault, but Billingsley, 6-foot-4 and 305 pounds, did pull out a knife when he began ripping off her clothes. “He told her to kneel in front of him. She said she complied and knelt down for fear he would hurt her. After forcing the petrified woman to perform oral sex on him, Billinglsey stole $53 from her wallet, the complaint states. As he left the house, he growled, ‘You better not tell this to anyone. My aunt is a police officer. I know one (sic) will believe you.’ The victim suffered bruising to her neck, lips and left eye, but was able to identify Billinglsey in a photograph. He was charged with charges including attempted first-degree rape, false imprisonment and assault and subsequently imprisoned for 30 years, of which 16 years were suspended and five years of supervised probation. With good conduct credits he was able to be released in October of last year. despite having an original release date of 2043.

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Jason Billingsley is 32 years old.

Investigation Report

Billingsley committed his first assault in 2009 at age 18 before committing a second in 2011. He served a two-year prison sentence for the second attack. Police issued a new arrest warrant for him on Tuesday along with a stern warning to the public that the convicted sex offender has a twisted history of rape and violence. Billingsley faces charges of first-degree murder, assault and reckless endangerment in the killing of Pava, 26, a rising star in technology who was on the prestigious Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list. She was found dead Monday morning in her Baltimore apartment with blunt force injuries that one hardened officer described to DailyMail.com as “absolutely brutal, some of the worst I’ve ever seen.” In announcing the warrant for Billingsley’s arrest, acting Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said the “violent repeat offender” is capable of raping and killing again.

While investigators are remaining tight-lipped about the circumstances, law enforcement sources confirmed to DailyMail.com that LaPere’s severely beaten body was found on the roof of her luxury apartment building. Getting to the area would have potentially meant climbing a ladder or fire escape, the source explained. The macabre twist raises the possibility that LaPere was taken there before being attacked, or that her body was thrown onto the roof afterwards to try to cover up the crime. “That’s pretty horrible,” said building tenant Chris McNees. He told WJZ, The Baltimore Banner’s media partner, that the apartment complex felt safe. “I mean, for that to happen anywhere in the city is obviously a bad thing, but it’s hard to imagine why this would happen specifically in this building.” It is not believed that Billingsley knew LaPere, who lived on the seventh floor of the building. Police on Tuesday would not comment on how she entered the building other than to say it was “safe.” “It was a secure building where someone must have allowed the individual to enter,” said Richard Worley, acting Baltimore police commissioner.

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