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Jasmine Marie Flores reportedly attacked her father with her knife, cutting him across the forehead, neck, and under the chin, and cutting his left ear in half. His Bio, Crime, and why attack father read more details.

A local Arkansas teen who allegedly attacked her father by stabbing him and cutting off half of his ear because he took her cell phone was arrested early Tuesday, November 22. Just after 2:30 a.m., Jasmine Marie Flores, 18, of 299-B Ledgerock Road, was arrested at her Hot Springs home and charged with felony second-degree domestic battery, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.
The 44-year-old victim said her daughter used a kitchen knife to stab and cut him after they argued because the music on her phone was too loud. She claimed that she went up to her daughter and snatched her phone, which made her “extremely upset”. She then grabbed a nearby set of scissors and began to poke it into her chest as she demanded her phone back, CrimeOnline reported.

Flores Age

Jasmine Marie Flores is 18 years old.

Why did Jasmine Marie Flores attack his father?

He affirms that Flores tried to cut him with the scissors while he grabbed him by the neck. As a result, he moved away from her. He said: “I thought that would be the end of it because she’s my girl.
Flores allegedly took a kitchen knife from the sink and tried to cut him, but he only cut through her jacket. He then returned her cell phone “in an attempt to get her to stop attacking him.” Flores reportedly attacked his father again with the knife after regaining control of the phone, slashing him on the left side of his forehead, across his neck, under his chin, and cutting his left ear in half “about one inch”. from above.

According to Sentinel-Record reports, Flores allegedly followed his father as he ran into a neighbor’s apartment. Flores followed the victim into the apartment without the knife and said, “I should have hurt you more,” before leaving and returning to her apartment, the victim and neighbor reportedly told deputies.
Deputies first encountered the 44-year-old victim in the parking area of ​​the apartment complex, where they saw him walking toward them as she clutched “a bloody rag” to her left ear. After checking on her father, LifeNet staff told her that she would need stitches, “especially in her ear.” Apparently, he opted not to be taken by EMS and instead headed to CHI St Vincent Hot Springs for treatment.
While LifeNet was examining her father, agents received the man’s written consent to visit the residence and speak with Flores. Agents allegedly discovered Flores in bed just inside the door with “a black-handled knife in the waistband of his pants in front” when they entered. When they entered, Flores reportedly pulled the knife from her jeans and placed it near her on the bed.

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For the officers’ protection, Garrett took the knife and placed it on a table by the door. Agents discovered a second brown-handled knife on a table by the front door, both with blood on the blades and handles. The officers then photographed the father’s injuries at the site and Flores’ “lack of injuries” until he was in jail.
With “no further trouble,” Flores was taken to jail and placed in Hollaway’s unit. Although she is expected to appear in court sooner, Flores, who shows no criminal record, is being held without bond and is scheduled to be arraigned in Garland County District Court on January 2.

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