free geoipJancarlos Jose Lizardi Rosado Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Suspect, Arrested | Restaurant Depot shooting -

Jancarlos Jose Lizardi Rosado Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Suspect, Arrested | Restaurant Depot shooting

Jancarlos Jose Lizardi Rosado Wiki – Bio

Jancarlos Jose Lizardi Rosado, a man in Florida has been arrested after he was allegedly caught on camera executing a man while he was loading his car in the parking lot of a restaurant supply wholesaler.

Jancarlos Jose Lizardi Rosado was arrested Thursday and charged with one count of dangerous and depraved murder without premeditation. According to a news release from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a reported shooting at a Restaurant Depot Thursday in Fort Meyers, about 150 miles northwest of Miami.

Jancarlos Jose Lizardi Rosado Age

Jancarlos Jose Lizardi Rosado is 22 years old.

Suspect Charged with second-degree murder

When first responders arrived at the store, officers said they could still hear gunshots. Shortly after arriving, authorities say they found a man lying on the ground next to his vehicle. Apparently, he suffered several bullet wounds and died.

The suspected shooter, later identified as Rosado, was standing nearby, authorities said. Officers arrested him and secured the scene before taking him to the Lee County Jail, where he was charged with second-degree murder.

“Detectives spoke to multiple witnesses and established that the shooting was not business related,” the statement said. On Friday morning, the sheriff’s office released security camera footage that allegedly showed Rosado shooting the victim multiple times, but removed the video.

According to a Fort Meyers News-Press report, footage shows the victim, a heavyset bald man wearing a black T-shirt, leaving the store and loading the trunk of his vehicle with items from a shopping cart.

Moments later, the victim falls to the ground as the video indicates that he had just been shot. He then ducks as he holds his chest and hides behind his car. He then begins moving counterclockwise around the vehicle in an apparent attempt to elude the shooter.

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The victim and shooter were related

A man who appears to be Rosado can reportedly be seen in the frame holding a gun and following the victim before pulling the trigger multiple times. The victim then falls off the frame and the man, who appears to be Rosado, stands “calmly” next to the vehicle.

Authorities have not officially released information about the victim, but officers told that the victim and shooter were related, referring to the murder as a “domestic dispute” of some sort. β€œHe downloaded the whole clip and then put another clip on and kept shooting,” a Restaurant Depot employee told.

Another witness reportedly told the station that there were about 50 customers in the store at the time of the shooting, and many were “crawling on pallets” to avoid the possibility of being hit by a stray bullet.

β€œI am disgusted by this senseless murder,” Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said in a statement. The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to a message seeking additional details about the shooting and the alleged shooter’s relationship with the victim.

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