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The 15-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, attacked Jamie Sansom with a six-inch knife at Tewkesbury Academy in Gloucestershire. Wearing a hairnet and a hoodie, he knocked on the door of the classroom where Mr. Sansom was teaching and said, “Come here.” The school was locked down for four hours after the attack, and teachers barricaded terrified students in classrooms for putting lockers between doors. Some children hid in closets. Desperate parents ran to the school as police armed with trained dogs tore through the building, although it was later learned that the suspect had fled. When the boy’s mother managed to contact him and asked him to turn himself in, he told her: ‘Goodbye forever but remember that I always loved you guys.’ He was arrested two hours after the stabbing by officers with firearms in Stoke Orchard, six miles away. Sansom, 27, suffered a puncture wound to his stomach and was taken to an office where an ambulance was called. He was treated at the hospital but released later that day.

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Jamie Sansom was 27 years old.

Investigation Report

The boy, who has never given a reason for the attack, admitted unlawfully and maliciously attempting to wound and possessing a sharp object. Imposing a 14-month detention and training order on him yesterday, District Judge Lynne Matthews told him: “He was not acting impulsively. You brought the mask to school, you brought the knife to school. Half of the sentence will be served in a youth detention center and the rest at his home, where he will be supervised by a team of youth offenders, Bristol Magistrates’ Court was told. Two nearby schools were also closed during the attack, shortly after 9am on July 10, amid initial concerns it was linked to terrorism. Emotional parents described how their children had been “very, very terrified” and had been left traumatized by the experience. Sarah Penny, who has a son at the school, said at the time: “They had to put a little cupboard in front of the door to keep them safe.

One of my son’s friends sent a message to his father telling her that they were locked up and that he should come look for him because he didn’t want to die.” A text message sent by another student to a parent said: “We are stuck in a classroom. Mom, I’m very scared. They had guns, armed police and dogs. Hundreds of parents gathered at the school took their children home when they were allowed out from 1:30 p.m. Mr Sansom, a Cardiff University graduate and mathematics teacher who was due to leave for another job at the end of the academic year, was described as “wonderful” and “one of the best teachers” at the 1,600-pupil co-educational secondary school, which It was rated ‘requires improvement’ in its latest Ofsted inspection. In a victim impact statement read in court, he said: “I never expected this to happen to a school, let alone to me. I thought he might have been in some kind of soap opera. “I didn’t have time to react.” He added that he has “no hard feelings toward [the student] for what happened,” adding, “I hope he gets the support he needs.” James McKella, defending the teenager whose parents were in court, said he was in poor mental health at the time and was experiencing suicidal thoughts.

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