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Jamie Garwood killed his friend with a “wrong” punch and has been jailed for six years. Jamie Garwood, 33, knocked out Richard Dean Thompson, 44, before other members of his group shoved cigarette butts up his nose as he lay unconscious. Thompson died of a “major head injury” in the hospital six days later. Garwood was previously charged with murder but later pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Cardiff Crown Court heard that Garwood had spent the night of 31 August 2022 at a property on Tewkesbury Walk in Newport, where Thompson lived with his partner. John Hipkin KC, a prosecutor, said at the sentencing hearing on Thursday that they had been part of a group of seven friends who drank heavily and used drugs.

Jamie Garwood Age

Jamie Garwood is 33 years old.

Jamie kills friend with a single punch while others put cigarettes up his nose

During the night, one of the group, Carlos Ross, began to throw small objects at Mr. Thompson. Mr. Hipkin said: “Mr. Thompson reacted by throwing a small can which struck the defendant in the head, causing a small bump. Defendant delivered a left-handed punch which struck [Mr. Thompson] on the chin.” . the ground, with a sound, was described as “disgusting” by a witness, and he was left “unconscious for several minutes”. Garwood went to his aid, but overnight his victim’s condition deteriorated. Other members of the group, but not Garwood, shoved cigarette butts into his nose as he lay unconscious on the sofa, the court was told. Mr. Thompson’s partner called an ambulance some two hours later, which arrived around 00:26 GMT, by which time Garwood had left the property. and an autopsy found that he had fractures on both sides of his head. Hipkin said Garwood, who had 44 previous court appearances for 79 crimes, including assault and battery, would have known his friend was vulnerable. He said that Mr. Thompson’s house was being used for drug trafficking by others at the time.

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Sentenced to six years in prison

In a victim impact statement, Thompson’s brother, Michael, described him as “a bubbly, fun person” who was “well known in the area and very popular.” David Elias, KC, defending, said the hit was “misguided” in the sense that it was “a reaction to an object thrown by another person” and “lacked premeditation.” “It is clear that the defendant is extremely remorseful,” he said. “He is very sorry for the tragic consequences of his illegal actions and he will have to live with it.” Of Garwood’s decision not to call an ambulance before leaving the property, Elias said, “It seemed for a while that the defendant was going to be okay.” Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said Garwood posed a “significant risk” of recidivism. She said that Garwood was an “impulsive individual with little or no regard for the consequences of [his] actions” of him. Garwood, of Newport, was sentenced to six years in prison, of which he must spend at least four in prison. He will also serve four years on leave after his release.

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