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Jamie Barrow, 31, is found guilty of murder after burning down the apartment of his neighbor and her two daughters.

Fatoumatta Hydara, 28, died along with Fatimah and Naeemah Drammeh, aged three and one, after her home in Clifton, Nottingham, was burned down in November. Jamie Barrow, 31, admitted to manslaughter at Nottingham Crown Court but denied three counts of murder. On Tuesday, a jury found him guilty of the most serious charges. At trial, Barrow was heard to have poured petrol into the letterbox of the family’s Fairisle Close flat in the early morning of 20 November and set it on fire. Jurors were told he was unhappy with the garbage bags left in an alley behind where he and the victims lived, but police said no clear motive had been established. Prosecutors said Barrow knew the apartment’s front door was the only way in and out when he started the fire. He claimed that he thought the property was empty, but the court was told that he did nothing when he heard screaming. Mrs. Hydara and her daughters died from smoke inhalation.

Prosecutors said Barrow started the fire with tissue paper and gasoline from his motorcycle. They said it would have been clear the family was inside because a stroller was left outside the door and there was light coming from the hallway. After starting the fire, Barrow was seen on CCTV walking away from the burning apartment with his dog while he smoked a cigarette, police said. Emergency services attended the scene and police said Barrow returned later and asked officers “how bad” the fire was. Barrow, who admitted to drinking “seven or eight” pints of beer before starting the fire, had told police afterwards when detectives were treating the incident as a hate crime. He later admitted his involvement to them.

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Jamie Barrow is 31 years old.

Jamie Barrow is convicted guilty of killing a woman and two children in a flat fire in Nottingham

In court, he claimed that he had been suffering from a “very, very low mood” and that he was “wallowing in self-pity” before starting the fire, caused in part by his emotionally unstable  personality disorder. He said he did not expect the fire to spread as quickly as he did and was forced to admit what he had done to officers due to “an immense amount of guilt.” In addition to murder, Barrow was also found guilty of one count of reckless arson as to whether life was endangered and he is due to be sentenced in the same court on Friday. Some family members of the victims, to whom he apologized as he testified, wept after the verdict was delivered. After Barrow’s conviction, relatives of Ms. Hydara and her children released a statement describing his pain and grief. They said: “Words cannot quantify how much our family has suffered due to the horrific actions of one man. “We are also unable to quantify the emotional, psychological, physiological and financial impact of the crime that Jamie Barrow committed against Fatoumatta, Fatimah and Naeemah.

“His actions by him were absolutely ruthless and cruel, and have caused multi-generational trauma that we will never understand. Fatoumatta was a loving daughter, wife, sister, mother and friend. If love and compassion could make a person immortal, she would have lived forever.” She had a pure heart and was well loved for her personality and qualities. “She was the most incredible mother to Fatimah and Naeemah, two angels who deserved a beautiful childhood and a fulfilling life. Nottingham and the rest of the world have been denied potential future teachers, civil servants, doctors – who knows what they might have been? “They lived a short but meaningful life, such was the joy and happiness they brought us all.” Ms Hydara’s family thanked the Gambian community in the UK and internationally for their support since the fatal fire. They also thanked Nottinghamshire Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the members of the jury. Before she died, Ms. Hydara and her children had planned to move to the US to be with her husband, Aboubacarr Drammeh. Det Insp Kaz Smithson, who led the investigation, said: “Jamie Barrow committed the most despicable crime anyone could commit. “He destroyed an entire family and took away their dreams of a happy life together in America. “Today justice has been served for Fatoumatta, Fatimah and Naeemah and their family, who have conducted themselves with incredible dignity since the night of this truly horrible crime.

Barrow denied that the killings were deliberate, but fortunately my investigative team was able to provide overwhelming evidence that this tragic event was indeed a murder. “We saw through his lies, and luckily so did the jury.” After the hearing, Nottinghamshire Police said Barrow’s motive for starting the fire may never be known, but jurors heard a theory: he wanted local authorities to rehouse him. Ch Insp Karl Thomas said: “I recognize that there are many in the community who believe these killings were a hate crime. It is important to say that following a very detailed and thorough investigation by a large team of detectives, the investigative team left no stone unturned in investigating the circumstances and presented the evidence to the jury in reaching these verdicts.”

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