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James Stokes the victim – This week, four days after the car was taken from the scene of a horrific collision, the body of a Wisconsin teenager was discovered inside the wreckage of a vehicle.

On Monday morning, Stokes, 17, of Milwaukee, was discovered dead on the floor of the back seat of a wrecked white Kia at the municipal tow lot, according to FOX 6. The vehicle, which was discovered to be stolen, arrived at the lot on the night of June 1 after collapsing into a tree on North 91st Street and West Fond du Lac Avenue, according to a statement from the Milwaukee Police Department.

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James Stokes was 17 years old.

James Stokes found dead at Milwaukee tow lot

The cause of the 17-year-old’s death is being determined by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office, police said. Both the MPD and the Department of Public Works are currently investigating how Stokes’ body went unnoticed. This is supposed to be a multi-level approach so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen,” attorney William Sulton told CBS 58. “When vehicles get to the tow lot, we have another set of rules and responsibilities that apply to those officers at the tow lot. They can’t process or release the vehicle until they can confirm a search was conducted.” The discovery of Stokes’ body is the third time the Milwaukee authorities have towed a vehicle with a person still inside in five years.

According to FOX 6, a four-year-old daughter spent the night alone in the tow lot in 2018 after her mother was arrested for operating while intoxicated. The Milwaukee Fire Department then hauled a burned-out car in 2022, only for a lot attendant to discover human remains inside the vehicle hours later. Following the 2018 event, Sultan represented the 4-year-old’s family in their subsequent settlement with the city. “[The latest discovery] shows me that we not only don’t care, but we still don’t care,” he said to CBS 58.

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