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James May born in January 1963 in the city of Bristol, England, James is a television presenter and journalist best known for his role on the television show entitled ‘Top Gear’ which also features Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson. He has also appeared in other television shows about science and technology, wine and toys, among others. James May is estimated to have a net worth close to $15 million. Of course, he has acquired his wealth from his career as a TV host, reportedly paying thousands of dollars to host every ‘Top Gear’ show. He also writes a column for The Daily Telegraph, in which he talks about the automotive sector.


James May is 59 years old.

James May Net Worth

{James May} was born into a family of four children, a brother, and two sisters. He joined Caerleon Endowed Junior School located in Newport and then enrolled in Bowland College and Lancaster University, where he studied Engineering. Shortly after his graduation, he went to work as a records officer at a hospital in Chelsea, but his time there was brief. In the early 1980s, he worked with The Engineer as a sub-editor and then moved to Autocar Magazine, where he was fired after a prank he pulled. Since then he has written for numerous publications including Car Magazine, Top Gear, and The Daily Telegraph. They have all contributed to his net worth.

In 1998, James May hosted a show called “Driven” which aired on Channel 4. He was then invited to co-host “Top Gear” in 2003 as the show entered its second season. In 2006, he co-hosted the ‘London Boat Show’, which premiered on ITV1. While working as a host on the show, he was nicknamed “Captain Slow” due to his driving style. Although Top Gear was willing to renew his contract in March 2015, James declined in April. In 2006, James May wrote a book called ‘May on Motor’, a collection of articles that he has published. That same year, he also co-authored ‘OZ and James Wine Adventure’, a book based on a television series of the same name. He also wrote ‘Long Lane with Turnings and ‘Notes from the Hard Shoulder’. These activities saw him earn a lot of money, increasing his net worth over time.

James May has had tremendous success when it comes to his career as a presenter and journalist. As well as having the chance to showcase the latest vehicles from major car manufacturers, UK newspapers and magazines have also featured columns from him, making him extremely popular. In July 2010, Lancaster University awarded him an honorary degree. In her personal life, James May entered into a relationship with Sarah Frater, a dance critic, in 2000. Although he lives with her in the West London district of Hammersmith, they have never married or had children. His absence in ‘Top Gear’ is still felt. May says he still loves cars and will continue to write columns about engines.

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