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James Farrell, 32, a man who joined a far-right group and shared a video on how to make a replica submachine gun, was jailed for two years and eight months.

James Farrell shared racist and neo-Nazi views with other members of the Oaken Hearth group. The former security guard also posted offensive comments and photos about blacks and Jews online. Farrell, of Priesthill, Glasgow, admitted charges under the Terrorism Act in Glasgow High Court. He was arrested after being identified through a photo in a far-right book, which showed his dog in the background.

Judge Lord Clark jailed Farrell and placed him under supervision for a year after his release. He said: “You agree that he was reckless and completely indifferent to his conduct in transmitting the video that would induce or provide assistance to acts of terrorism. You made the video available to extremists and potential terrorists. You continue to hold far-right views and have expressed no real remorse and are considered to be at extreme risk of reoffending.” Farrell was identified by a police operation investigating Oaken Hearth. He admitted to posting the clip that he found “edgy and cool” with instructions on how to build the replica firearm.

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James Farrell is 32 years old.

James Farrel jailed for two years and eight months for making replica submachine gun

The court heard that Farrell connected with the group through the Telegram messaging app in March 2021. The group discussed terrorist assassins like Brenton Tarrant, who murdered 51 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019. Farrell stated at one point, “About time someone bombed a synagogue.” The group went on to talk about making firearms with 3D printers. Farrell then shared a link titled: “The Box Tube MAC-11 – The Ultimate DIY machine gun.”

The court heard that by “solely following” the instructions, a non-firing replica submachine gun could be made. Farrell’s KC, Tony Lenehan, said: “He has views that absolutely do not give him credence. There is nothing to mitigate those views and the custody threshold has been crossed.” The Oaken Hearth group was investigated by the North East England Counter Terrorism Unit. An undercover officer was able to become part of the group. A mobile phone containing chats from Oaken Hearth was seized which led to the identification of Farrell.

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