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James Diawo Kollie has been accused of murdering his mother. His Biography, Crime, Investigation, and why did he kill his mother read more details.

On December 1, Receia Kollie, 56, was found dead in her Moorhead home after officers conducted a welfare check, the Moorhead Police Department said. She died of multiple acute force injuries. Immediately after the apparent murder, police tried to speak to her son James Diawo Kollie Jr., 25, who was identified as a suspect in the murder. Detectives also learned that Receia Kollie’s black 2016 Honda Pilot was not at her home. James Kollie Jr. was located and taken into police custody the next day at a laundromat in Wahpeton, North Dakota, about 45 miles south of Moorhead. It is still unknown how the suspect got onto the Maytag Home Laundry rug in Wahpeton,” the Moorhead Police Department said in a statement Wednesday.

Receia Kollie’s Honda was later located near a hardware store in Wahpeton, about three miles south of the laundromat, Moorhead police announced. Authorities are now working to transport the vehicle to Minnesota for processing and registration. It is currently unclear what items of probative value may be located inside.


James Diawo Kollie is 25 years old.

James Diawo Kollie – Investigation

Prior to James Kollie’s arrest, police had issued several bulletins on social media requesting the public’s help in locating Kollie and her mother’s Honda. Authorities are now asking local residents to be on the lookout for any “suspicious items” that James Kollie may have discarded in the Wahpeton area prior to his arrest. They have also asked homeowners to review any home surveillance that may have recorded James Kollie prior to his arrest. Law enforcement has yet to reveal the motive for Receia Kollie’s murder.

However, Receia Kollie’s family, which is reeling from the sudden death of the Minnesota woman, described James Kollie Jr. as a “deeply concerned” young man at a GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover the costs of the funeral. Family members also described the late mother’s “endless efforts” to help her son. Receia’s endless efforts to encourage him to turn his life around and seek help, unfortunately, resulted in his death,” the murdered woman’s daughter, Recemeia Kollie, wrote on the fundraising page. “There are no words to describe the pain and confusion we are facing.

The family did not specifically divulge what James Kollie may have been suffering from. Receia Kollie was born in Movrovia, Liberia, according to her GoFundMe page. She fled Liberia with the future father of her child, her high school sweetheart James Kollie after the civil war ravaged the West African nation. The two married in 1991. They moved to the Ivory Coast before moving to Covington, Georgia in 2001. She was the mother of three children. Her family described her as a deeply spiritual and loving mother and an “unwavering friend to many,” who was the “pillar” of her family. The only thing that gives us peace is knowing that she is resting in heaven,” the fundraising page added.

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James Kollie Jr. is being held at a Richland County jail, If he is found guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. It is not clear if he has retained legal counsel to comment on his behalf.

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