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James Chaney, 46, a mechanic who also doubles as a substitute bus driver, is now out of work and facing criminal charges after a police officer responding to a parent’s complaint confronted him outside Jackson Middle School on Sept. 17. October, Fox affiliate WALA. -Reported news. When the police officer gave Chaney a breathalyzer test, the alleged drunk gave a result of 33, not only well above the state limit, but also well above the .02 limit for commercial vehicle drivers and a reading of mandatory absolute zero with children on board in Alabama. Chancey was charged with driving under the influence and reckless endangerment and was fired by the school district. “It’s shocking, honestly,” one parent told the outlet. “Honestly, you don’t think people would do something like that.”

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James Chaney is 46 years old.

Investigation Report

Another parent at the school, Whitney Chancey, called the whole situation “scary.” “I would be furious if someone put my children in that kind of danger, but I mean I could have also hurt others by driving such a large vehicle,” Chancey said. Jackson Police Chief Jerry Taylor said Chaney had somehow managed to drop off all the children on the bus route before the officer confronted him, which he called a difficult situation. “Naturally, driving under the influence of alcohol at any time is an egregious violation due to the number of injuries and deaths accidents cause,” the chief said. “But especially when you’re driving a school bus full of schoolchildren under the influence of alcohol,” he said. “In my opinion, that just takes it to the next level.” In a statement this week, Clarke County Schools Superintendent Ashlie Flowers issued a statement to district parents urging them to remain vigilant for similar transgressions in the future. “I want to assure members of the school community that student safety is the school system’s top priority,” Flowers said in the statement, according to WKRP-TV News. “I also encourage you to report any similar problems to the authorities or the Board of Education in the future,” the school head said.

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