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James Barber was pronounced dead Friday at 1:56 a.m. after receiving a lethal injection in a South Alabama prison. The United States Supreme Court denied a stay request. Most did not comment. In a dissent that was also signed by the other two liberals on the nine-judge panel, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson said the court was allowing “Alabama to experiment with a human life again.” He said the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, “demands more than the word of the state that this time it will be different. The court should not allow Alabama to test the effectiveness of its internal review by using Barber as its ‘guinea pig.'” Last year, Alabama failed three executions by lethal injection. The first death row inmate, Joe Nathan James Jr, took more than three hours to die. Two other executions were abandoned. Following an internal review, the state said this year it was ready to resume executions. Barber tried to prevent his execution, in part by opting to die by nitrogen hypoxia, a state method of murder that Alabama says he wants to use but isn’t ready to.

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James Barber was 64 years old.

Alabama resumes use of death penalty with James Barber execution

Court files revealed that the Alabama revision changed only the execution chamber staffing and the amount of time given to kill an inmate. Barber, who was 64 when she died, hammered 75-year-old Dorothy Epps to death while addicted to multiple substances in 2001. Epps’s granddaughter, Sarah Gregory, has spoken of how she came to forgive Barber and forge a friendship with him. She said that other members of her family did not feel the same way. On Friday morning, before he was killed in the execution chamber at Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Barber said: “I want to tell the Epps family that I love them. I’m sorry for what happened. No words would fit what I feel. He also said that he wanted to tell Alabama’s Republican Gov. Kay Ivey “and the people in this room that I forgive them for what they’re about to do.”

After his last words, the Associated Press reported, Barber “spoke with a spiritual advisor who accompanied him to the death chamber. As the drugs were administered, Barber’s eyes closed and his abdomen throbbed several times. His breathing slowed until it was no longer visible.” Alabama Corrections Commissioner John Hamm said Barber received “three sticks in six minutes.” Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said: “Justice has been served. This morning, James Barber was executed for the terrible crime he committed more than two decades ago: the especially heinous, heinous and cruel murder of Dorothy Epps.” Before the execution, Reprieve, an international human rights group, said: “There is no humane method of execution. Executions don’t work, and it’s torture… The state shouldn’t resume executions, it should end them once and for all.”

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