Who is Jakayla Williams? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Charged with Killing her Newborn Baby Boy


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Jakayla Williams, an 18-year-old from Dothan, Alabama, is currently being held without bail on a capital murder charge after police found her son’s lifeless body wrapped in a blanket inside a dumpster. near an apartment complex. She admitted to Dothan Police Department detectives that she did not want to care for her child because the cost of child care was too high. According to her reports, she gave birth to the baby at her home in secret, but when her family found out that she was pregnant, she lied and said that she gave birth at the Southeast Health Medical Center. . Wanting the child back, her family took Jakayla, a recent graduate of the local Dothan High School, to the health center, where the teen claimed she had given her baby to an employee. But the center’s employees reviewed the CCTV footage and found that Jakayla had not left her baby with them.

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Jakayla Williams is 18 years old.

Investigation Report

They contacted the Dothan Police Department, who subsequently found her lifeless baby in the middle of a pile of rubbish. The exact cause of the boy’s death is unknown, although an autopsy has been ordered. Dothan Police Chief Will Benny told a news conference: “It’s absolutely shocking.” In all my years as a law enforcement officer, I’ve never heard of anything as horrible as this. ‘It’s a shock to the mind. It shocks the soul. I don’t even know what else to say about it.’ In a tragic twist, the top police officer said that if Jakayla had gone to the hospital, employees would have agreed to care for the now-dead baby under Alabama’s “no questions asked policy.” It is currently unclear what Jakayla’s fate will be, should she be found guilty of the capital murder charge.

Local prosecutors say they are still weighing their punishment in this case. Houston County District Attorney Russ Goodman declined to comment on whether his office would attempt to sentence the 18-year-old to death. “It’s something we haven’t even discussed,” he told local news station WTVY after his arrest. “That will be a decision that will be made in the future.” While prosecutors may not have decided whether to send Jakayla to death row, the death penalty numbers in her state may be cause for concern. Alabama sentences more people to death per capita than any other US state, says the Equal Justice Initiative. The state also does not impose an age limit on who can receive a death sentence. In addition to this, the state allows death sentences to be applied without a unanimous jury. The nonprofit organization reports that 80% of people currently on death row in the state did not receive unanimous jury death verdicts.

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