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Ismael Watson, now 33, was denied parole in January 2022 but was automatically released 13 months later when he had served his full five-year jail sentence. MailOnline can reveal that the terrorist, who changed his birth name to Jack Watson after converting to Islam, was quietly released back onto the streets in February this year. Under current law, convicted terrorists like Watson, who are serving a certain sentence and have behaved well in prison, will be released with a limited number of restrictions. For Watson, originally from Liverpool, the main restriction was an additional 12-month extended leave ordered by the judge when he was sentenced in December 2017. Extended licenses are only imposed on two percent of offenders (around 1,000 in 2021). and are ordered in certain cases in which the court has found the convicted person to be dangerous.

This means that Watson, who prosecutors say at his trial showed a determination to fight a “holy war against Western oppressors,” will remain under supervision until the extended term expires in February 2024. At the end of this time, Watson will have limited restrictions, likely no more than a police notification order, requiring those receiving more than 12 months for terrorism offenses to report practices such as unauthorized travel to police. Chris Phillips, the UK’s former national counter-terrorism chief, told MailOnline the unique threat posed by terrorists could warrant a change to the law to ensure all terrorist offenders receive indeterminate sentences. This would mean that a convicted terrorist would serve a minimal sentence and then have to convince the Parole Board that he was no longer dangerous before being released, rather than being automatically released under a set sentence. The 27-year-old, who suffered from bipolar disorder, had denied preparing terrorist acts and had chosen to represent himself, but refused to appear in court.

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Ismael Watson is 33 years old.

Radicalised Ismael Watson jailed for IS Syria terror plan

His first trial was abandoned and, after a two-day retrial in September 2017, he was found guilty of failing to prepare to commit acts of terrorism between January 1, 2016 and February 23, 2017, in violation of article 5 of the Terrorism Act of 2006. He was convicted in December. In 2017, Judge Anuja Dhir QC stressed that she believed Watson was an extremist and a danger to UK society. She told him: ‘The evidence in this case showed that at the time of the crimes you held deep and extensive radicalized beliefs which were demonstrated by the large volume of extremist material found on your mobile phone and your positive and outspoken support for Islamic State. and those involved in the jihad. “You wanted to fight for the Islamic State and you showed your willingness to kill for them.” MailOnline can reveal that Watson had his second parole hearing in January 2022 and his release request was rejected based on a “paper review” of his prison files, which included reports from staff and psychiatrists. It is quite rare that parole appeals are rejected based on an analysis of written reports and Watson is denied the opportunity to present his case face-to-face before the three-person panel. A Parole Board spokesperson said at the time: “We can confirm that a Parole Board panel has rejected the release of Ismael Watson following a review of the document.

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