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Imogen Lennon, from Canowindra in New South Wales, Australia, tragically died on Monday 16th January after she choked in a Frankfurt deli while she was talking to her mother on the way home from swimming lessons. What is the Cause od Death read more.

The grieving family of a five-year-old girl, who died after choking on her favorite snack during a car ride, has reportedly been the target of cruel trolling. Following her death, family friend Tamara Harrison revealed that she has been receiving a continuous barrage of nasty emails after she set up a fundraising page to help Imogen’s parents Samantha and Bill Lennon raise money. for future expenses. Harrison told the Daily Mail strangers posted dozens of vicious comments on her social media post, with many saying the family must not have done enough to save the girl’s life.

But Harrison said that these accusations are completely false. “Imogen was sitting in the back of the car and had taken a big breath while she was eating and started to choke,” Harrison said. She added: “Sam stopped right away. She’s a first aid officer, her sister is also a nurse. She knew what to do in that situation. She did everything she could. Imogen even bit her hand when she tried to get the frankfurt out from his throat.”

Imogen Lennon Age

Imogen Lennon was 5 years old.

Family trolled after Imogen Lennon, 5, chokes to death

Harrison later praised Samantha as “strong and brave”, saying that she knew that she did everything she could to save Imogen. The sad death of the “loud and energetic” Imogen came just seven days after she had her first hearing aid fitted. Harrison said it was the first time she had heard her own voice. “She put it on and said, ‘Is that my voice, Mom?'” she recalled. Harrison added: “And her mother was like, ‘Yes, it is.'”

The premature death of the little girl has left her family devastated. She was buried in the local church on Saturday, January 28. Harrison said seeing Imogen’s little white coffin decorated with pink flowers and cowboy boots being loaded into the back of a hearse broke her heart. “Imogen was meant to start kindergarten this year,” she added. Harrison further added: “She never got to live her life. Something like that shouldn’t have happened.”

Harrison, a nurse who works with children, went on to reveal that she is now working with the Lennon family to set up a foundation in Imogen’s honor to ensure that no one else feels the pain they are experiencing. According to Harrison, the Lennons are “true Aussie fighters” who constantly help people in need. “They would give the shirts off their backs, without a second thought if someone needed it,” he noted.

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