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Igor Sofonov, 38, a former convict in Putin’s war was the uproar with an accomplice who killed six after being released from jail, police say in Russia. The bodies of five men and a woman with soup and burning wounds were found in two separate houses spotted by fire in a village in the region of northern Russia, Karelia.

Igor Sofonov, a hardened criminal, had been recruited to serve in the Vladimir Putin war in Ukraine. His alleged accomplice, who had also served time in jail for serious crimes, was appointed Maxim Bochkarev, 37. Both men have been initially arrested for two months under suspicion of murder, said the Russian Research Committee. A video shows that the armed police took them to the Court where they were arrested. It is reported that Bochkarev and Sofonov have previous convictions for murder, violation, theft and drugs. The Russians have expressed a deep alarm about the former convicted combatants in the war that Putin is forgiven by Putin as a reward for fighting and then allowed home after serving in the frontline line. The researchers suspect that the two houses were set on fire in an attempt to hide the massacre, with images that show the houses deterred after the fire.

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Igor Sofonov is 38 years old.

Suspicious of mass murder in Ukraine

The dead in a house in the town of Derevyannoye included Konstantin Lonin, 42, his brother Dmitry, 47, and Vladimir Sergeenko, 76. In the same house there was a woman named only as Svetlana, 38. In the other house, in Friendship Lane, the bodies of Vladimir Tereshchenko, 70, and his son Artyom, 39, were found. Artyom’s children had jumped from the windows when the intruders broke out and went to alarm with their grandfather in a neighboring house. The children are now safe, but their grandfather was killed with their son when he later arrived on the scene. According to the preliminary version, the cause of the incident was a long -standing conflict for domestic reasons, “Karelia News said. It is not clear if Sofonov was serving for the Wagner group of the mercenary army, as some reports suggest, or the regular Putin army. He was released from the war and allowed the home in spring, said the reports. Both suspects were in a state of “extreme intoxication” when they were arrested, according to the reports, and the accomplice was described as a “strong, tall and fantastic man.”

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