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Huseyin Mavideniz, 29, died after being attacked early Thursday outside a club in Iskele, northern Cyprus, local media said, citing police.

He was allegedly hit on the head several times by club security, and one of the goalies is said to have stomped on Mavideniz’s head as he lay unconscious on the pavement, according to North Cyprus News. The British tourist was rushed to Famagusta State Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. The tragedy is just the latest in a series of violent beatings and wanton attacks on British tourists in beloved summer destinations. Last month, 18-year-old James Taylor was held in a headlock by four bouncers at the CherryBay nightclub in Laganas, on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Shocking footage showed them taking turns punching, kicking and elbowing him in the face and body, before kneeing him in the face. James, from Middlesbrough, told MailOnline he suffered two black eyes, a swollen jaw, blows to the head, a broken lip and a cut knee after the attack and shared photos of his injuries.

The teen revealed that the attack happened simply because he climbed on a chair to take a selfie with his friends before dancing on it for ten seconds. A bouncer had tried to grab James’s arm to pull him down from the chair, but when James jerked back, the club employee disappeared. The goalie came back ten seconds later with the rest of the goalies that were on the video and took me away. outside and started hitting me,’ James said. “That’s all it took, something as small as standing on a chair.” The revelation comes as his “devastated” mother, Michelle Taylor, 55, warned other parents whose children go to Zante, a popular destination for young Britons, that what happened to James could happen to them. “I want to get this message across that this is unacceptable and that this is happening to our children,” Michelle told MailOnline. “I am a mother and all mothers will feel this if this happens to their child when they go on holiday to Zante.”

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Huseyin Mavideniz Age

Huseyin Mavideniz was 29 years old.

Brit ‘beaten to death by bouncers’ in Cyprus before mob smashes hospital

The island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is known as a hotspot for porter violence. Shortly after MailOnline broke news of the ordeal of James Taylor, a mother whose 19-year-old son saw gloved bouncers beating up British teenagers ‘all day, every day’ she spoke to warn other parents whose children are going to Zante. Emma, not her real name, told MailOnline: ‘I wouldn’t go there. There is too much crime and the problem is that the crime is not exposed and prosecuted. I didn’t realize how bad it was there, my son had a horrible vacation. His son, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of his safety, described how he witnessed British teenagers in Laganas being attacked and beaten by bouncers. ** out of them’. Charlie, who is not his real name, said he was on a week-long holiday in Zante in July and saw bouncers beat up five teenagers in Laganas.”It’s not just a bump,” Charlie told MailOnline. ‘They’re getting beat up. The goalies wear gloves, they are punched, kneed and kicked. ‘And even if they’re on the ground, they’re still going to get kicked. It’s really bad, I’m afraid of them.

Charlie said his gut told him that he needed to jump in and help the teen, but he points out that it’s not just a bouncer attacking them. ‘When a goalie starts beating one of these kids, four others come out of nowhere and start kicking and kneeing them. This isn’t just a few punches, this is a beating. And if you get involved, you’ll get beat up too.” British women being slapped and thrown to the ground by aggressive bouncers.Revelers stood outside the Lemmon nightclub in the popular Spanish resort town protesting with security before the ugly scenes broke out in front of a crowd of onlookers avoid any embarrassing slip. The same bouncer then returns and knocks a woman in a pink dress to the ground before picking up her friend and carrying her further away from the bar. One of the group is heard yelling at the gorillas: ‘What the hell are they? What are you doing? Moments later, another member of the bar staff slaps the protester angrily, before the first bouncer violently slams the woman in the pink dress to the floor a second time. Then one of the bouncers removes his belt in anger and furiously slams it against a metal pole. He holds it over his head threatening to beat up the women, but luckily, one of his more level-headed colleagues intervenes.

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