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Howell Wayans, the father of Marlon Wayans and the patriarch of the Wayans family, died at the age of 86. The 50-year-old actor and comedian, one of Howell’s 10 famous children, paid an emotional tribute by announcing the sad death of his father on Saturday, April 1, 2023. Marlon took to his Instagram to share a sweet photo of himself. kissing his father’s head.

The ‘Little Man’ actor began the post by sharing a conversation with his father while thanking Howell for teaching him “to be a man.” “Legend. When I was a kid, I asked my dad what you wanted to be when you grew up. He just said, ‘I wanted to be a man.’ I said, ‘Not a lawyer? Doctor? Actor?’ He said ‘just a man’.” Marlon wrote in the caption: “I said ‘but all boys turn into men’. Dad said, ‘Not true’. I asked ‘so what is a man?’ My dad said ‘A man takes care of himself and his responsibilities. His family always comes FIRST.’ From that day on he wanted to be a MAN.”

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Howell Wayans Age

Howell Wayans was 86 years old.


Marlon then thanked Howell “for being an example of a man” to all of his children. “I pray that every young black man can grow up to be a man like you,” the actor said, adding: “The baby loves you. And if I ever need you, I know exactly where to find you… in my Bible that now stands by the bed. Rest well.” He further added: “Kiss mommy for me. Tell her babies to miss her. I have two angels. I feel like they’re already lifting me up. Drinking the best wine Jesus can make…”

Marlon’s mother, Elvira Alethia, died in 2020 at the age of 81. Howell and Elvira had 10 children: Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn, Marlon, Dwayne, Kim, Nadia, Elvira, Diedre, and Vonnie, all raised in New York City, according to the Sun. In honor of her father and mother, Diedra also shared an emotional message on her social networks. “My heart is heavy,” he wrote on April 1, adding: “I thank God for allowing us to have so many years of love, memories, and great parents. The kind that never gave up on their children. I know he was a handful, but through his tough love, discipline, and devotion, I became a phenomenal woman like you, Mom. A spiritual woman like you, Dad.”

Reflecting on the sad news, many well-known figures in the entertainment industry expressed their condolences to the Wayans family. “Love you and the family. He was a man and a king among men. It is evident in the family legacy that he raised and nurtured,” DL Hughley wrote in the comments section of Marlon’s post. Essence Atkins wrote: “I love you for life, Marlon! We your people hold you and the entire Wayans family in prayer and are here to walk with you on the journey ahead…” “Beautifully expressed brother. Sending love to the family. Rest in peace Pop Wayans. A king. A God-fearing man,” Keisha Epps said.

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